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  • A Dead Heart (GogglesXRider) Splatoon Fanfic
    25.6K 592 12

    Hey, do you know that one clumsy, cheerful and dorky inkling that does idiotic things with his team, even during battles and yet, they some how win? Yeah, Goggles and his Teammates Glasses-kun, Headphone-chan and Bobble-chan seem to beat one team after another. From people asking for a battle to S+ jerks (lolol), ther...

  • ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. Splatoon Manga Yaoi Pictures ★ Book 3 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿
    80.8K 2.8K 111

    ★彡❝book 3 of your daily dose of splatoon manga yaoi! (now with the occasional agent 24)❞彡★ ✾These are all pictures from Splatoon Manga yaoi ships.✾ ♔All pictures belong to their artists/rightful owners, I do not own anything♔

  • •]••'º'•» Splatoon Headcannons ☆ Book 3 «•'º'••[•
    15.7K 542 58

    ↫✰a collection of headcannons. tell me your thoughts since there's a chance i plan to use them in upcoming stories. ✰↬ ~book 3 uwu~

  • My Sunflower 🌻
    1.4K 67 3

    🌻 Goggles and his Team were coming out of their previous battle as they meet , Rider ! Goggles was always happy to see him around every single corner it was like a eye to eye love touch but it seemed the blue guy never had the chance to confess... maybe...🌻 W A R N I N G ! This Book will have a few lemon chapters so...

  • Read
    1.5K 55 13

    :Message Pending: Book 1.5 Completed

    Completed   Mature
  • 💜\\sweeter than sugar//💜
    1.3K 48 5

    it seems you are valuable in his eyes. he sees more than just a random you're his addiction an addiction sweeter than sugar a [reader x skull] story. [quick notes/warnings] (im writing this in lower case for some strange reason) (if your sensitive to gore or bloody descriptions, i advise you be cautious when reading t...

  • If Love Can Kill
    866 83 15

    One by one Only the good die young They're only flyin' too close to the sun Cryin' for nothing Cryin' for no one No one but you [ON HOLD] Aloha x Diver Book 1

  • Clumsy
    43.5K 921 17

    A l o h a x R e a d e r ❝Next time, I promise I won't fall on you!❞ ❝Beautiful, next time fall for me instead.❞ This is an Aloha x Fem!Squid!Reader, from the Splatoon Manga books. The Splatoon Manga and any of its characters are not mine. Cover is mine, but the art is by @dkdk_am via Twitter.

  • (Splatoon Yuri OC pairing) Mirimo X Shiro
    7.3K 63 24

    A small one-shot (with some two/three parters) book about my gay squids. There will be SMUT. I will tag which ones are smut so you can either avoid them or read only them. Either way, if you stumble across my book- Welcome to my weird world of gays. Before I get sued, Splatoon belongs to Nintendo! Shiro and Mirimo are...

  • Splatoon Manga Fanfic: Aloha x Army
    4K 125 6

    Hi everyone! This is my first Fanfiction so sorry if it's bad... So this is gonna be about Army and Aloha from the splatoon manga series. If you have never heard of this series, I recommend you read it before you read this fanfic, otherwise you will be very confused. Anyway, please enjoy! ^w^ Plus it's mature because...

  • Splatoon Manga One Shots!
    20.6K 305 34

    Requests CLOSED for now! No Character x readers (There is a lot of those) Only Character x Character I might update slower than others (Sorry about that , I'm very busy sometimes) Rules are in first page of book. I hope you enjoy this book! (I'm not the best at writing stories so I'm sorry if there is any errors.

  • Your Mementos
    1.5K 54 5

    "I think a lot. And it's you, it's always you." [Aloha x reader] [ Art : @akari_toon on Twitter ]

  • ❤ ⋆*.~A Recipe For Romance ~.*⋆ ❤ 【Aloha x Army】「COROIKA」
    2.1K 83 5

    "T-there's no way I possibly could, I know that I like girls; right...?" . After the incidence of Army having to temporarily drop out of the S4 due to excessive injuries, Aloha decides to try and make him feel better at home while he recovers depsite Army's annoyance towards the party animal. . However it seems that...

  • Tired ♡【 Octoling boy x Reader 】
    4.3K 92 5

    [ Female Reader ]ー Simply saying you were tired was an understatement. You were exhausted. Keeping your reputation as the best X rank player in inkopolis was difficult. And to top it off, you were also Agent 3. You wanted a break, but you knew you would never get one, especially when an incident occurs that results...

  • Only One Side ♥︎ 【 Yandere! Splatoon Manga x Reader 】
    12.1K 133 6

    [ Female Reader ]ー Something wasn't right. They aren't acting like they used to around you. It was like they changed completely. You wish you had noticed sooner, for it was too late to do anything now. [one shots / slow updates]

  • don't leave me. II gorai
    324 17 1

    this isn't angst lol sorry if the title made it seem like that. honestly? don't wanna spoil the fic here. read it yourself if you're that interested. i'm not a professional writer and writing is something i still need to work on but i hope my writing's okay to read and doesn't make cringe and want to throw your phone...

  • Inky Squid Love
    4.3K 89 3

    Rider loves Goggles, and Goggles loves Rider. Yaoi Squid Love.

  • one shots splatoon
    1.7K 18 6

    No x readers I will put ship names in titles. There can be swearing and mature language so don't read if you are uncomfortable with that kind of stuff.

  • Goggles x Rider
    170K 3K 50

    Don't judge me I was bored ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm NO professional writer... please excuse my mistakes. This is rated M but who listens to ratings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cover is not by me

  • Splatoon Yandere Stories
    11.3K 204 23

    I got bored And duh since this a Yandere story gore and inappropriate stuff will happen on some chapters

  • 《 Splatoon Oneshots 》
    55.7K 392 11

    Basically a book full of oneshots that contain: - Smut - Ships - XReader - Human aus probably :^) - g a y 100% - A couple of suicidal/depression things Enough to get to like- 100 chapters lmao. And yes, I will be using ALL the characters from the manga but I won't be using any OCs so don't ask.

  • ╟Splatoon Manga × Reader Headcanons╢
    83.9K 1.3K 21

    hey, it's headcanons for the squid boys! cover is temp until i steal something better

  • Coroika One-Shots (Paused)
    10.3K 120 18

    I regret life choices

  • Coroyakuza
    26.7K 1.1K 42

    In an alternate universe where Inkopolis is lead by violent gangs, and killings occur everyday, everyone must do what they can to survive, even if it means broken friendships and rivalries.

    Completed   Mature
  • ♡ goggles x rider ♡
    25.1K 519 14

    A high rank, yellow-green inkling named Rider offers to help train his friend Goggles in order to win against the last member of the S4. Trial, error, and success in turf wars brought the two closer. Despite his short-tempered personality, it didn't take long until he began to develop feelings for the other. Will love...

  • City Lights
    766 83 12

    I chose my path, you chose the way of the hero. And they found you amusing for a while, the people of this city. But the one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you. Why bother? Villain!Goggles x Hero!Rider

  • Splatoon Manga |One Shot|
    556 6 9

    Requests are OPEN for now -I hope you all enjoy my weird stories & I suck at it -The characters are obviously not mine :3 -You can request me, ANYTHING! Not lemons though. Find another account who write those ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Splatoon Manga Boys X Fem Reader
    78.1K 1K 30

    First book so who knows what could happen Splatoon manga boys as your love interests basically Enjoy :)

  • Splatoon Manga x reader oneshots
    39.1K 539 13

    These are just oneshots of you living in Ikopolis with other inklings like the S4, Emperor, etc. warning there's probably going to be lots of depressed reader one shots! I'm not depressed my self but I find them more interesting to write idk.. The MC is female (if your male that's okay two just know your a girl in thi...

  • {Goggles x rider} love is sickening 💔
    39.5K 627 14

    (The covers of the art is not mine) In a city of inkopolis Lived an enthusiastic and goofy blue inkling That named goggles. Goggles is always nice to everyone especially to a green inkling named rider. Read this (u don't have to) to know the drama and the romance between this two opposite inklings Note: this sto...