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  • peachymilk.
    386K 15.2K 87

    [Instagram AU] Where six friends are in love with the username PeachyMilk.

  • E A T || BTS x Y.M
    98K 4.2K 24

    "Everytime I eat, I feel disgusted with myself. Why won't this feeling go away?"

    Completed   Mature
  • Picture Perfect™️ Taegi FF - Book 1
    241K 12.6K 54

    "How did you get that, Mr Kim?" Yoongi exclaims as he feels his face and body heat up in embarrassment. "I have my ways, Min Yoongi." He remarks with a devilish smile playing on his lips. - *Started: 24/07/2018 *Completed: 02/09/2018 Hey it's Aliza and I love the ship Taegi so I have been wanting to make a fanfic on i...

    Completed   Mature