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    [ A NATHAN PRESCOTT X READER ] don't you wish it would've ended a little differently? maybe in a different city, town, something else. instead you spend an unbelievable semester with the school's biggest prick.

  • Nathan Prescott Imagines
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    just sum quick imagines I don't want to make a story on.

  • Life Is Strange Characters x Reader One Shots
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    Wowser! Hella okay one shots because there are hardly any in this fandom so you're gonna have to take what you get. Hope you're ready for the moshpit, Shaka Brah.

  • NOCTURNE » Nathan Prescott
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    Everybody in here just dragged their feet across the floor and stared at the walls with empty eyes -- but if you looked closely you could see their souls. How much they were suffering. How they were trying to fight their demons. Or even how they were starting to give in to them. [Life is Strange] ...

  • Young and Menace ~ Nathan Prescott x Reader
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    (Y/N) recently moved to Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay. She was instantly warned to stay away from the vortex club, one member to be exact...Nathan Prescott. (Y/N) was nothing like Nathan. She was shy and innocent. What happens when Nathan and her meet?

  • How to Be A Stripper (Bakugou x Reader) AU
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    Y/n moved in from the country. She's an amazing singer and is looking for something where she will be able to show her talent. What happens when she finally finds a job and meets an interesting bartender...? (Inspired by Burlesque and @KanekiBarbie) ⚠️ I decided this will contain smut. Don't report cause like if u too...

  • Powerful (Katsuki Bakugou x Reader)
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    Bakugou Katsuki x reader fanfic. I dreamt the theme of this and I thought It'd be cool to write abt it. I'm not very fluent in this language but I try ;-;. Also, since this is Katsuki, there will be violent swearing. You know.. the usual Katsuki Bakagou. So anyway, it's about you [the reader] and your difficult life a...

  • Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair |Reader X|
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    (Y/N) finds herself at Hopes Peak, and is told... just to forget about it.... (If you didn't notice by the cover photo this is mainly a fuyuhiko x reader. No Nagito bagels today Srry lol)

  • Danganronpa V3 Scenarios, Zodiacs, etc
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    Filled with what if scenarios ;) I only do these characters: Rantaro Shuichi Kiibo Ouma But you can tell me if you want to add someone on a request! :) And also, on the Zodiacs, I do all the boys ;')) [ Sorry if some characters are OOC ] • Highest Rank: #74 (07-28-17) Disclaimer: I don't own any of the NDRV3 character...

  • Danganronpa Oneshots (Requests Open!)
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    I will take requests but don't spam! Many spoilers ahead as well, but if you don't mind, read at your own risk. Now let's shimmy into the universe in that of which is Danganronpa.

  • Danganronpa x Reader REQUESTS OPEN
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    Including Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa Side Story: Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and Danganronpa 3: Future/Despair Arc and Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony.

  • Danganronpa V3 x Reader Headcanons
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    「 there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so. 」 → danganronpa V3 x reader headcanons ←

  • NDRV3 scenarios
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    So I recently got addicted to ndrv3 scenarios and I wanted to try making some. NSFW allowed.

  • Random Danganronpa Oneshots
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    (Description made January 5, 2019) Hello! This type of summary in the publishing world is unprofessional as shit, but then again, so am I. This book was probably the worst thing I've ever done, but I'm already here. Here I write poorly planned Danganronpa oneshots requested by you, including fluff, angst, limes, song...

  • Dangan Ronpa Boyfriends
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    **DISCONTINUED** Different scenarios of you and the Dangan Ronpa boys. Hosted by me, Legacy and my dôji, Neutral. Includes Makoto Naegi, Leon Kuwata, Byakuya Togami, Chihiro Fujisaki, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Mondo Oowada, Yasuhiro Hagakure and Hifumi Yamada. Which boy do you choose? Have fun and enjoy! UPDATE - Dangan Ronp...

  • The Story Of Us~ Kazuichi Souda X Reader
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    You and Kazuichi had been friends for a long time. Who would have thought the two best friends would become lovers. He promises you a forever but was that really true? This starts with the Kazuichi from the past when he didn't have the pink hair and still had glasses. Now please enjoy.

  • To open a mechanical heart (Leon X Souda)
    8.5K 216 10

    Leon Kuwata was always having fun with his friends and he had a secret crush on a cute pink haired mechanic , but Souda Kazuichi was always after a girl named Sonia Nevermind and is always shot down. But soon Souda will find out Leon's true feeling toward him.

  • Danganronpa OneShots! (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED)
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    Enter a whole new world named Danganronpa Oneshots! And make all your shitty fantasies come true! Requests are closed, completed. Warning: might be bad.

  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu X Reader
    69.2K 2K 22

    You are the ultimate spy. You will find out the secrets of the mafia. WARNING YOU MAY CRY A WATERFALL.

  • When Everything Goes Dark [SDR2 x Reader] [UNFINISHED]
    304K 8K 54

    [F/N] [L/N], the Ultimate Assassin. Emotionless, cold, numb. Musn't have friends. She has been raised in an assassin gang, after the exact same group killed off her parents. She was hurt, tortured. They forced her to become an assassin. She always dreamed about having friends and emotions, but in the end she was afrai...

  • SHSL Woodswoman (Fem!ReaderxDanganronpa)
    55.3K 1K 15

    You have enrolled in one of the best high schools in the world, Hope's Peak Academy. There are many strange people there, but you, the Ultimate Woodswoman is prepared for anything. At least you think so. What will happen during your time in the school? How will your adventure end? Will you survive?

    25.7K 563 26

    You were nothing but a simple podcaster who enjoyed talking about dead bodies and solving mysteries, it was a total shock when Hope's Peak Academy had asked you to attend, but what was more of a shock was what would happen during your time at "Hope's Peak". (This is basically an improved and (hopefully) completed vers...

  • {True Killer} (Souda Kazuichi X Reader)
    6.9K 188 11

    First story so umm enjoy! Takes place in the Danganronpa 2 setting with some minor (major) changes :^) <Side Note> This will have no reference to DR3 because I started writing this before it came out so...

  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu x reader
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    Just what the tittle says

  • Despair [SDR2 x Reader]
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    One fateful day, you attend to your first day at Hopes Peak Academy as the Ultimate Archer, with your brother, the Ultimate Artist. However, you didn't expect to end up on an island with shocking news for you and the 77th class.. ~I don't own Danganronpa. Wish I did, but I don't~ HAJIME x READER mainly, but you still...

  • Danganronpa oneshots
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    Any oneshot of any sort :)

  • Problematic (a ishimondo fanfic)
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    this story contains mature content, slight Gore, murder, maybe a lemon, and lgbt

  • •Love Suite• {Danganronpa Oneshots/Short Stories}
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    Future Author here: Pls don't judge my writing skills based off the garbage- idk if I'll write anymore Danganronpa fanfics but I've improved a lot on my Gorillaz writing n such. I wrote these when I was 12/13 and I'm 15 turning 16 now sooo Thanks for being so awesome tho ✌🏻 - The title says it all, from boyxboy, to...

  • Danganronpa Oneshots~
    6.4K 69 6

    This is gonna be a book full of Danganronpa oneshots, lots of ships and all that! There's gonna be V3 ships along with v1, some will be X reader and some will be two cannon characters! I'm definitely down for requests so if you would like to leave a request I'll get to working on it as fast as I can ❤️ ships can and m...

  • Danganronpa 1, 2, and V3 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios
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    Have you ever wanted to go through a romantic adventure with your favorite male/female danganronpa character? Good! Because this is your chance to do just that. Options so far (some may be added in the future) are: Boys: Byakuya Togami Chihiro Fujisaki Kiyotaka Ishimaru Leon Kuwata Makoto Naegi Hajime Hinata Fuyuhiko...