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  • The Dawnguard
    82 12 2

    After being kicked from the Arcane University, Nate followed his feet back home to Skyrim to become a Bard. Finally, he is happy. Until a gig in Morthal gets him wrapped up in a murder that will change his life forever. Reluctant to do the right thing, Nate joins the Dawnguard to help fight for the cause... but while...

  • still need a title
    45 9 3

    War has broken out between the Egos. The Battle Bois, the Septics, and the Ipliers are going at each other, which never happens. The Septics and the Ipliers make a hidden alliance, working together to get rid of the Battle Bois. Together, the Septics and the Ipliers open a portal, and send the Battle Bois to Hell. But...

  • The Black Rose
    139 23 4

    This is a FemboyX Reader with Phantom and Mare fic. There will be BDSM and smut in this. If this is not your cup of tea please go somewhere else. It is a oneshot for my dear friend @Undeaddragons. 'The beat of the song had you cross the crowed dance floor. As you made your way you did not notice two sets of eyes wa...

  • Whatever it takes. (ON HOLD)
    1.2K 58 17

    -Updates: Monday's, Thursday's, and Friday's- I'm really bad at writing but I'm giving this a shot. Septicnate/one sided Septiplier In an au where Nate is not a youtuber, but one of Marks friends from college. Jack and Nate started dating shortly after Mark had introduced them to each other. As his friends got happie...

  • One Shots
    86 12 4

    Just a collection of one-shots that I write every now and then.

  • NatePat oneshots
    10.7K 215 34

    Like some good ol fashioned natepat well here it is.

  • To Save an Angel// NatePat
    890 23 12

    Everyone knew the name Alex Angel, Joey Drew Studios' shining star. He was voiced by the perfect Nathan Patrick, a long-time employee of Joey Drew. His husband Matthew is the head artist for Joey Drew, preferring to stay behind the spotlight while running his popular youtube channel Game Theory. However, when Nate fal...

  • Drew's Headcannon Dump
    308 32 7

    Or, I have way to many headcannons and drop them all off here. Will mostly be ego/side related, but other fandoms may pop up too. Cover by @becausehesmyhero

  • Pokémon PrismGold
    6.3K 572 37

    In a world divided by Four Teams with vastly different views on what it means to be the best; a mysterious Pokeball is about to find its way into the hands of three rivals. Mark from Team Instinct wants nothing more than to release the poor Pokemon that might be trapped inside. Jack from Team Mystic wants to take it b...

  • Whiskey Lullaby
    214 22 2

    He drank, and he drank, and he drank, until his pain finally went away. Based off the song Whisky lullaby

  • For Me
    15.8K 470 46

    Natepat Alpha and Omega AU. Matt is an alpha and Nate is an omega. Boy omegas are really rare. It's an alpha's choice who he wants to mate but sometimes things become confusing. A story of Staring and Protection

  • NateWantsToBattle one-shots
    1.6K 52 24

    Just some random one shots, There may some triggers In this one shot. Be WARNED. I'm also typing this on an iPad so forgive the mistakes I make. *cough*me*cough*