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  • Another Fairy Tail Origin's Book!!
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    Silver and the other guild leaders had a mission in the forest and that's all I am saying read the book!!

  • Origins of Olympus--A New Problem
    2K 48 15

    This story takes place after the finale of Origins of Olympus. With a new, dark prophecy, broken bonds must be fixed and the past must be reveled. With new hero's, new enemies, and new problems, will the campers have what it takes to live? Or will they all perish? Find out in Origins of Olympus--A New Problem.

  • Creepypasta {TheFamousFilms}
    5K 199 4

    Bryan has never talked about his family... Even if he did, he would just say his family was just normal. Although, when two of his brothers come to the Pizzeria for the day, the animatronics get this weird vibe off them...

  • Forbidden Magic - Setosolace
    679 61 9

    A young boy has been living in a wealthy and magic-forbidding place, and he is soon to be a slave. A young master has the choice of his main slave, and he knows exactly who he wants. They both have known each other since they were kids and know almost everything about each other. But what happens when the young mast...

  • PokéTail Origins (FTO Fanfic)
    3.7K 215 9

    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- A portal appears at each of the Atlantide guilds and takes everyone to a wonderful land of wonderous creatures. Even the bad guys were sucked in :3 Now they must roam these lands and find the legendary pokemon to go back to their realm. Some fights will be tough...

  • Ryguyrocky Oneshots (Requests Are Close)
    11.6K 122 28

    ¡Request are close until further notice! A bunch of Ryguyrocky Oneshots. *Also, don't ask why I make Ryan suffer alot*

  • Origins, SDS, SCP oneshots, art and ideas
    37.5K 1.2K 59

    art, oneshots and random ideas I have had If you want to us any of the drawing or ideas feel free to as long as you give my credit

  • Supernatural origins one shots?
    3.5K 224 8

    This is a series of oneshots that I will hopefully write. The series in doing for this is called supernatural origins. It's by many different YouTubers. I love the series and now I'm writing about it

  • Neko babies
    1.4K 112 4

    Born with supernatural powers in a world where magic is non-existant, Michael and Ritchie must hide and help eachother survive in this world where magic folk are hated. What will occur when they meet Austin and Mario..? Find out now.. Characters do NOT belong to me! Michael: OmegaGamingLP Ritchie: ItsRitchieW Austin...

  • SNO, OoO and FTO oneshots
    12.3K 339 12

    Why am I doing this?....Why not?

  • FTO/OoO Art Book
    3.2K 141 10

    FTO and OoO are both amazing roleplays on YouTube, all the actors are great at what they do. I upload these pics on the public fto discord but I might aswell upload them here to.

  • The Dream Team! Oneshots and stories
    7.9K 207 8

    Hey! I saw a couple of these fanfictions for a specific group of people and I loved them but they were all discontinued with bad writing/wording. So I'm taking it upon myself to write some more seeing as they're so hard to find. Edit: I somehow need to say this as someone didn't seem to get it before. I am doing this...

  • Fairy Tail Origins One Shots
    32.9K 1.1K 24

    One shots for the YouTube series Fairy Tail Origins. I'm going to attempt at least one chapter with every character at least in it.

  • SNO Oneshots
    45.5K 1.6K 40

    Hey guys! I know that I have a lot of stories going on right now but I also got a lot of ideas that don't fit with those stories. So here's my new one-shot book for Supernatural Origins. Which brings me to my next point, you can request one-shots in this book if you want about Supernatural Origins. That's totally fine...

  • Slave Side Effects
    2.5K 172 6

    When the former slave, Michael, runs away from his owner, he must try to escape the planet on a stranger's ship. But when they find the stow away, instead of following normal procedure, they help him in a strange way. Now, Michael has formed a strange bond with his rescuers and is trying to learn how to live outside o...

  • It was the Tomb Juice
    4.7K 163 7

    ~on hold of now will started back up in the summer~ Richie should have never let Austin out of his line of vision. Now they are stuck in a new world and it is all because of Austin's big supply of tomb juice.

  • Austin's Crisis
    1.4K 81 4

    This happens when everyone is mean and screams at Austin and he gets depressed so he runs off but he sees xylo kissing Bri and runs off again what will happen to him now talks about depression, cutting and suicide and some important stuff in the begining so be prepared

  • A place named camp oasis
    4K 139 4

    Two portals seemed to appear out of nowhere in the midst of battle and training. A hand suddenly grabbed the two dragon slayers and dragged them to the portal. The guild leaders who had watched the scene take place were all confused and concerned. "It all happened so fast. " _________________________________________ H...

  • When Worlds Collide
    11.5K 435 22

    When Mario and Michael find themselves in different universes, and a 'whole new word' of possibilities open up, what will happen when stories get derailed, and different endings appear? Well, at least we know one thing. Clockwork won't be happy.

  • SabreBrine
    3.7K 132 6

    We all know the story of FavremySabre and the steve saga, but we don't know Sabres past. When the truth of his past and his heritage starts causing panic and suspicion in his friends, will he continue to gloss over it like he always has, or tell them the truth? 'When one of Brine, with hidden lives, has had enough Th...

  • The Outside - SkyDoesMinecraft Fanfiction
    35.3K 2.1K 68

    He was quiet. He was reserved. He was shy around others but full of potential. All he needs is a little push to let others see it. Yet, he still asks himself how he got to be in the same clique as the Top-Listers. He had never thought too highly of himself, always thinking of coming up average at most. He knew t...