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  • Hearts Devoured • LT&ZM
    65.9K 3.5K 21

    When you've got Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik pining for you like you're chocolate cake and they're fat kids who've been on a 365-day diet, what's your best plan of action? You offer yourself on a plate because that's the only respectful thing to do. Sequel to the short story Bound to Happen.

  • Married To A Larry Shipper || Larry Stylinson (Complete) ✔️
    9.5M 676K 144

    "I love you my beautiful wife." "Shut up, Harry. You're gay and that's that." ~Or~ Harry is married and his wife swears he's in love with Louis. || Ranked: 2nd place in the Popular Larry Stories category of the Bromance Awards ||

  • Just a Boy • LT
    48.9K 3.3K 14

    "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Arabella Wendell, fake medium, doesn't like what she hears the first time she meets Louis Tomlinson. It's all fun and games until she finds out Mister Sass never grows old. When you don't believe in magic or happy endings, what do you do when you've got a real Peter Pan on your hands?