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  • A Feast Of Souls: A Dark Paranormal Romance **ON HOLD**
    1.9K 276 4

    'Don't look, Lillian. Never look into the eyes of a Sin-Eater, for you will be as cursed as he is and will forever languish in darkness.' Lillian Elmes remembers the warning her mother gave her about the town's Sin-Eater only too well. How could she not when she'd ignored it as a child, only to find herself plagued...

  • Jack
    18.2K 1.7K 29

    Do you know Jack? The Ripper? Saucy Jack? Leather Apron? The most infamous serial killer in history has long been fodder for the imagination of authors and artists alike, but his true identity remains an enigma to this day. Take a fresh look at the notorious Murderer of Whitechapel through the eyes and quills of Wattp...

  • Saving Grace (on hiatus)
    415K 30K 39

    When Gracie Granger was born the doctor who delivered her died of sudden heart failure. On her sixth birthday her uncle hung himself in her closet. Three months later her aunt drove off a cliff after dropping her off. On her 13th birthday her best friends family was murdered four hours after she left. After Which Grac...

  • In Remembrance of Mankind
    2.6K 110 6

    I will take back this planet. I will rebuild this world in the image of those who came before me. I will do this to honor my creator. I will do this in remembrance of mankind.

    2.7M 195K 65

    Claire Evans is a small town Indiana gal with a heart for adventure. When a wounded dragon falls from the sky, she runs into a cornfield to rescue it. This isn't just any dragon, he's a shifter, one of six royal protectors. Helping him has consequences. Claire finds herself traipsing-or rather, flying-across the kingd...

  • From Dawn (published)
    9.2K 1.1K 13

    Life hasn't exactly gone according to plan for 26 year old Dawn. For starters, she always thought that she would have met the man of her dreams by now. But, if he's out there, she hasn't found him. Then there's the fact that she can't seem to find a job that doesn't involve hair nets, greasy food, or flimsy plastic b...

  • WARNING! Fairy Tales
    1.1M 70.2K 22

    WARNING! Please be advised that this is not a bedtime story about sparkly fairies and pink unicorns. This book may contain graphic descriptions of poisoned apples and witches' ovens. It is not appropriate for supernatural beings under the age of 377 (excluding vampires and werewolves). DISCLAIMER: Wicked Witches Inc...

  • Betrothed to Jack Frost (NOW A PUBLISHED SERIES!)
    4.3M 32.5K 9

    Unbeknownst to nearly twenty-one-year-old Evangeline "Elle" Darrow, she's been betrothed to a monster since birth. Elle grew up believing myths and magic belonged in the land of make believe. Upon being kidnapped and forced to become engaged to the malevolent god known as Jack Frost, she discovers that former individ...

    348K 25.2K 50

    **FEATURED STORY JULY 2018* **WATTPAD HQ READ OF THE WEEK AUGUST 2018* **WATTYS 2018 WINNER** Casey Brogan is on a mission to self-destruct. Whether it's booze, drugs or men, she's spiralling out of control and stepping over the line, to destroy the demons of her past and herself in the process. Ethan Drake isn't...

  • Soul Binding
    20.3K 755 8

    Nym is one of the few Sirens left, creatures who pleasure themselves in luring men in by promising their wildest desires, and then sealing their souls away, in the collection of their songs. She pleasures in stealing the men away from relationships the most, claiming her victims as prizes, as proof that she is better...