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  • Venomous Affair
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    Tom Hardy has the life anyone would dream about. Movie star. Wife. Child. But his Old Flame, who is "happily" with the Architect, shows herself 20 years after they last saw. After they meet again, they start something that will destroy lives around them if ever found out. Credit to @-divastarbucks-

  • instagram shawty ✗ seth rollins
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    wwerollins commented: damn mommy lemme smash [started: september 28 2017] [ended: january 14 2018]

  • ( relationships )
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    ❝relationships are a waste of time❞ ( dean ambrose x oc ) ( @kickmas )

  • 𝐊𝐈𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐀 ,
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    he stumbles upon a beautiful brownskin girl on the explore page ! ( seth x oc )

  • I Hate You But I Love You | Ambrollins 💜
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    Cover by @sethsshield *** Ranked #13 in #sethrollins stories 😊 *** Ranked #35 in #wwe stories 😊 *** Ranked #7 in #ambrollins stories 😊 *** Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were in a group called The Shield. They were brothers. They were inseparable. They were the most dominant faction in WWE history. Tha...

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  • Don't Watch The Video
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    Alexa Bliss, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Charlotte Flair and Becky lynch do something they wouldn't do ever in their whole life. Alexa hears about a video someone mentions on Twitter that many people have watched and even some went missing. she doesn't believe any of it so she gets her and her friends to watch it with h...

  • Instagram ~ S.R.
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    @wwerollins followed you. • • • • • Cover: @chattychels12344

  • InstaLove(Andrade Cien AlmasXOC)
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    andradealmas has followed you andradealmas has liked your picture andradealmas has dm'ed you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What does happen when El Idolo follows Beautiful Lioness of Smackdown Live Find that out on InstaLove

  • Fighting the authority ( charreigns )
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    Ok soo I'm bad at description so basically Charlotte and Stephanie have beef and Roman has beef with the whole authority and Soo he wanted help to take them down so he ask Charlotte and yah you have to read the rest to find out cover made by: @chattychels12344

  • pretty face [Seth Rollins]
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    Seth has a crush on a girl he works with that only sees him as a friend. (if you loved the Jim and Pam build up in The Office, this is the story for you)

  • Broken Handcuffs [III]
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    Highest Ranking: #1 in Carmella #1 in Lana Parrilla #4 in AJ Lee #5 in Alexa Bliss #7 in Nikki Bella #14 in Wrestling ~~~~~~~ The last book of the AJNikki series. AJ ends up in a mental hospital while Nikki tries to move on in the WWE. That proves to be a challenge when she starts to question if April was wrongfully...

  • Corporate Suits
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    Continuation of Chuck Taylors and Red Bottoms! ------ AJ has traded her shorts and half shirts for a suit and tie, now the head of the Diva WWE Creative Team. There are new Divas with new stories to be made, and Nikki plans to support AJ's decisions. [ FEMSLASH ]

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  • Chuck Taylors and Red Bottoms
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    Two of the most unlikely people somehow together. Feelings more than platonic get involved, but there's a certain somebody or certain some bodies that object. "You...and Nikki? Nikki Bella?" "AJ? AJ Lee? The AJ that practically slammed our show and disrespected us? That AJ Lee?" [ I own nothing except for the ongoing...

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  • bad and boujee ✗ roman reigns
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  • From Road Buddies to Lovers | Charreigns
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    Charlotte and Roman are really good friends. But what happens when after just a few car rides together they develop feelings? Cover by: chattychels12344

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  • Please Save Me
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    After being shut out and left by everyone and everything she loves... WWE Diva, Raven Black, has completely hit rock bottom. She has fallen into her old habits that her family and friends worked so hard to get her out of. No one stood by her. Well... Her family did. Her other friends. Her boyfriend dumped her on liv...

  • Little Ambrose
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    Everyone knows Dean Ambrose as the lunatic of The Shield. No one ever thought that Dean Ambrose would have a soft spot or even heart. That is... until Evolution targets the most important person in his life. And that... Is the NXT Women's Champion, Octavia Ambrose. Dean's baby sister. Octavia makes her debut on th...

  • I'll Be Your Shield
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    4 years ago, he cheated on her. With her biggest enemy. She left the WWE and went back to her UFC career. Went on to break records and make history. Now, she's with a new man. She dated before and after her ex. What she found out is that her new man is the biggest enemy of her ex. Now, she's back in WWE. She has two...

  • Torn Between... Everyone
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    The Shield was unstoppable. They got a fourth member, Suicide Bliss, in late 2013, then she began to date Dean Ambrose. He loved her. Protected her. They were completely inseparable & protected each other to the max. Everyone knew not to mess with them unless they had a death wish. So when Suicide shockingly betrays...

  • Realize
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    Once again... WWE has been invaded by TNA. They have dominated almost everybody... Except Suicide Bliss, The Shield...... and The Authority. They targeted Suicide more because she was a former TNA Knockout that left to go back to her music and WWE careers. Suicide refused to turn on the WWE and rejoin TNA again. S...

  • ★Her Lunatic... Or Her Prince★
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    Sequel to "Please Save Me". So Leila and Ben are reunited after many years of separation and Dean is not happy about it, to say the least. Everyone else is a bit awkward but glad to see that Leila has someone else to confide in other than themselves or her other friends and brother. Dean is jealous, angry.... and a...

  • WWE Women's Preferences [REQUESTS OPEN]
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    Preferences about the WWE Women Includes- Nikki Bella Brie Bella AJ Lee Paige Carmella And Alexa Bliss

  • Where We Left Off - The Shield
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    Corey Gonzalez and Jaylynn Conners both return to WWE after leaving for 7 months due to injuries. But before this they were in WWE for 4 years, they were both at the top of the company before they got injured. They wanna get back to the top but there's only one way to pretty much pick up where they left off. And that'...

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    In which Twenty different types of students fell in love, breaks friendship, study, can't avoid chaos, cheats during an examination, makes corny jokes, bullies other students, have an imperfect relationship with their family, where they have Six professors and unbeknownst to them, they associate with a trait...

  • Princess
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    @randyortonwwe commented on your post.

  • Sometimes Blood Isn't Thicker Than Water
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    26 year old Ella Reigns is a WWE Diva. She's a former member of WWE's most destructive group, The Shield. Why is she a former member? They betrayed her. Put her through a table. Attacked her. Notice her last name. Reigns. Yup. She's the little sister of Roman Reigns, who is a current member of The Shield. She's also t...

  • Baby Banks
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    Tatiana "Baby" Banks is the little sister of NXT Diva, Sasha Banks. The sisters debuted a week apart in NXT. In 2012. They soon became a tag team along with Paige against Summer Rae, Audrey Marie, and Zahra Schreibler. In January of 2013, Tatiana "Baby" Banks is moved to the main roster & is immediately put into a st...

  • The Assistant
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    Nicole Colace is the CEO of her family owned company, and it's hard being a female business owner, in a male dominated world.. And of course, every successful CEO needs an assistant.. The problem is that when these two get together, it's hard to tell who the real boss is.