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    "Ugh!! You're so confusing!!" "I'm confusing? Baby, I'm as clear as water." "Then why do you flirt with me, then ignore me!! I love you okay!" Tears sparkled in his eyes. "I love you too." He grabbed her and kissed her roughly yet full of love. ***

  • Chessa || True love
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    The story of Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks. How they met, how they became friends, and how they found true love for each other.

  • Is Chessa Real?
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    Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton have been caught flirting a countless number of times. Will their love for each other finally be broadcasted or will someone get in the way?

  • Ethan Dolan's Sex Slave
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    "Please Eth-" "You dont call me by my name!" Ethan exclaimed, cutting me off "I-I'm sorry Master" I paused "I want to g-go now" He pinned me against the wall and whispered seductively to me "You arent going any where babygirl, you are all mine now" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: If you are 13- then I sugg...

  • 💦Team 10 #smut💦
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    Requests are open. DM me bro Tonerrrr has a bonerrrr!!!! (I had to fam)😂😂😂😂

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    Random short stories revolving around Logan Paul and you as his girlfriend/friends with benefits. None of these imagines are connected to each other. They are dirty so be prepared for that!

  • Logan's Babygirl
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    Logan Paul story with his girlfriend! *SMUT*

  • Smut • Dolan Twins
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    Do I really have to explain? Warning: *sucks*

  • Adym my baby daddy
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    Just read WARNING very dirty

  • Roommates¿?
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    "you look pretty yummy" "what?" "you have a nice ass." "eyes off"

  • My bad boy// G.B.D
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    "You are a bad boy daddy" "I'm always your bad boy baby girl" -------- THIS IS MY FIRST STORY SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS STORY ❤️❤️ SOME PARTS OF THIS STORY IS DIRTY SO BEWARE

  • Team 10 (Imagines) Contains Smut
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    Just read about the most awesome group. ~Cause it's everyday bro peace~ Jake Paul

  • Martinez Twins Smut
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    / this is a smut and it will contain curse words. if you don't tolerate, then get out :)

  • Sexting;s.w(on hold)
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    "BabyGirl, daddy misses you"

  • Grayson Dolan
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    He pushed me against the wall and pinded my hands above my head. His left hand trailed down my body.

    Completed   Mature
  • •The Fuckboy• Grayson Dolan Fan Fiction
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    I felt a firm grip on my ass. "Don't do that ever again or you'll regret it" Grayson said smirking. "Umm last time I checked I could do whatever I want" I replied sassily."Ohh babe you'll regret that." "Don't call me babe!" I yelled. Ughh I was so over Grayson's fuckboy moves.

  • Dolan Smut
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    Basically Dolan porn for all the thirsty people, aka the whole dolan fandom

  • Dirty | Grayson Dolan
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    Chelsea, a 16 year old girl was never the type to do anything bad. She was that one girl in the school, who made straight A's and never got into trouble. Meanwhile Grayson was the exact opposite. He lived for the rush. What will happen when the two cross paths?

  • Smut/Grayson•Dolan
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    "Because you're my babe" THIS STORY IS VERY SEXUAL WARNING