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  • ace attorney ship oneshots
    10.8K 118 20

    A bunch of different ships from ace attorney. Requests closed.

  • Point of No Return (A DanganRonpa, MM!Naegi fanfic)
    28.3K 586 6

    He stepped into the school, thinking, "I'm gonna as great as them! I'm gonna graduate and show the world that even a ordinary and talentless person like me can graduate! And I'm gonna make tons of friends in the school! Those people who bullied me, I'm gonna show them that I, Makoto Naegi, can do it! Oh, how wrong he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Steven Universe Roleplay
    2.1K 65 26

    Here we go! PS I have a book for next gen SU, so no next gen in this book, unless I say so (EX: Like they go into the future and meet their future kids XD)

  • Little Nightmares Roleplay
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    Roleplay if you dare

  • ✨ Undertale / Au's Rp Book ! [ requests open ! ] ✨
    6.8K 96 33

    Hi Everyone ! This is a gift because my Pj's daycare book had gotten to 2 k . / 1.9 k ! The A/N's will be for requests , i guess ? There can be shipping RP's and non-shipping RP's . I will update here as much as possible and will reply to you as soon as possible , so don't get mad if i don't respond quickly ! This...

  • I'm So Sorry.......
    30.8K 901 33

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cross P.O.V ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I didn't mean too. I let the lusty side took control. Dream hat- A lot of people hates me. Nightmare.....I'm so sorry....,

  • Undertale AU RP
    1.1K 29 13

    [Discontinued] Just some Undertale RP You can make requests Ships are allowed Any AU is allowed