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  • My Playboy || Completed
    9.7M 372K 43

    "You will never see me as anything other than a playboy, right?" Started: 12/27/16 Ended: 03/26/17 Highest Rank: #2 in fanfiction (01/04/17) Credits for the cutest ass cover goes to @Jiminfication ❤️

  • You're Still Mine || COMPLETED
    6.1M 167K 36

    Highest Ranking: #1 WTF!!!OMG!!!Thank you so much 💕!!! "I've had enough!! I want a divorce!!" you furiously said, Jungkook rolled his eyes and...

    124K 4.1K 22

    He - heartbreaker, ceo's only son She - hitwomen, moneyminded Aren't they a match made in Hell? A pjm fiction

  • Hidden Truth || j.jk
    49.5K 3K 35

    She wore a mask to hide her true feelings, but it was the biggest mistake she's ever done. Hidden Truth [JJK] | On hold ©ggukification | 2018 [Highest rank] #1 in hiddentruth [3 weeks in 2018]

  • The Blue Sea ( Yoongi / Suga Ff ) Compelete ✔
    69.4K 2.3K 57

    What do you think of mermaid??? do you believe in it??? does it exist??? Well, who knows... This story is about Min Yoongi who urged to find his first love. That is a little mermaid. And then he meet Myeong Sunhi... why do they meet??? How do they meet??? What do you think will happen to them??? This story is twisted...