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  • lithe [ + c.hw]
    430 26 2

    "When will you let me go?" "When you break," Hyungwon innocently smiles at him, but his beautiful eyes were pooling with a darkness he doesn't want to drown in, so Minhyuk averts his gaze. "When you finally turn into a monster. Like me."

  • vellichor
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    [ mh + hw ] ; in which minhyuk takes a nap whilst hyungwon gets lost in the bookshelves [ completed! ]

  • my new muse ❧ showhyuk
    533 54 1

    in which minhyuk is an art student going through some personal problems and hyunwoo is the (semi)nude model that knows how to make it better. ✿ "in a room full of art, you're the greatest masterpiece" series ✿

  • rainbow dust ↠ hyunghyuk
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    ❝ a tear looks different to everyone. to one person it could look like a ordinary droplet of water, to another person it might be the base of a beautiful rainbow. it all depends of perspective❞ a lonely artist lives in a monochrome would, until his muse arrives and gives it a little bit of colour... artist! minhyu...

    648 45 1

    i like you, but now it's not just in my head. major character death warning.

  • love letters » hyunghyuk
    7.8K 701 10

    ❝ i wish. i am. i miss.❞ - where minhyuk expresses his love towards hyungwon with love letters。

  • balter | hyunghyuk
    9.2K 522 10

    words series; #1 hyunghyuk "i can't dance" he muttered at the tall latter. "i don't care what you do, all i see is grace in the man i love. so, can we dance? for the last time?" wonobol. 2016. #12 IN HYUNGHYUK????? GUYS IM SHOOKETH ITS NOW 2018 [the pictures used (if there are) are all credited to the owners. work of...

  • colors ✧ hyunghyuk
    7.1K 923 7

    ❝you're prettier than all the colors in the world❞ ©DVVICNT

    Completed   Mature