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  • One Shots
    25.4K 80 9

    Lesbians! Gays! Trans! Bi! Imagines :)

  • The Boys are Back in Town
    480 30 5

    ill write a description after I write a few chapters

  • (Meliodas x Reader) My protective demon
    154K 2.7K 21

    A curse had been broken and Meliodas and Elizabeth we're finally free from being forced to love each other and just like that a strange girl enters the tavern her powerful magic stunning the sins. "Y/N, that's amazing" He says watching me a dreamy look in his eyes as I blush. Did I like him? Read to find out :)! (qu...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins Lemon
    62.3K 763 3

    Hey guys this is my first time doing a lemon so i hope you do enjoy it

  • Gxg female imagines
    11.7K 125 18

    Fem celebrity x fem reader Request!! Just your average lesbian who fantasizes about dating these girls 😂

  • text messages ☆ emma chamberlain
    28.8K 839 19

    in which a girl texts the wrong number and gets a sarcastic reply. emma chamberlain x oc

  • Escape//emma chamberlain
    6.7K 243 35

    When Emma Chamberlain starts to have a hard time at school, her escape is Youtube. Youtube is her happy place to get away from all of the troubles in her life. She meets new people and her life changes. "I don't know if I can do this."

  • How Far Will We Go
    3.1K 63 5

    You are moving to Mexico to get your older brothers Ivan and Emilio Martinez off your mind since they left for team 10. You know no one in Mexico except Lele Pons and Amanda Cerny. You start to think it was a mistake moving there in till you met him. Juanpa Zurita. At first you think he is just a pretty boy then you s...

  • Juanpa Zurita and other viners
    8.3K 78 17

    This is my story about Juanpa Zurita a famous viner and how he meets his friends/other viners. 13+ unless you know who these people are. The characters are: Juanpa Zurita, Lele Pons, King Bach, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Amanda Cerny, Brennen Taylor, Alissa Violet, Twan Kuyper and Brittany Furlan. Thanks.

  • Jiper
    37K 796 11

    This is my first fic so idk XD

    2.6K 11 12

    Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) is a smart, curious and imaginative 18-year-old who is unable to leave the protection of the hermetically-sealed environment within her house because of an illness. Olly (Nick Robinson) is the boy next door who won't let that stop them from being together. Gazing through windows and talking on...

  • What You're Missing
    29K 1K 16

    Charlotte Bolton thought she had it all. With good grades, charm, a sarcastic sense of humor, and her best friend Jasper by her side, one might even believe her life seemed perfect. But it wasn't until a certain mystery wrapped up in blond locks and a secret bumped into her that she realized her life had been missing...

  • Taming Him
    143K 5K 46

    Henry has anger issues, when he meets his new roommate he realises she is what keeps him sane. He needs her. "You take away my demons, you're my angel." cover by me. All right reserved.

  • The Nightmare/Jaele
    55.6K 1.4K 16

    What happens when Riele gains a crush on Jace. Nope, oops, the other way around.

  • Heart to Hart - a Chenry Fanfic
    111K 3.8K 34

    Henry Hart has a secret, and it is about to come out. Many girls have entered his life, and have all broken his heart in more way than one. Only one has ever loved him unconditionally, and his feelings for her have intensified. It isn't until he almost loses her, that Henry is finally ready to tell the girl of his dr...

  • Glitch | CHENRY
    53.9K 2.2K 35

    "His name on my wrist already decided my fate." soulmate au

  • Sinful Revenge
    1.7K 219 8

    "I wasn't ready for the streets but the streets were ready for me. " -Díor

  • Jughead Jones (Jughead X Reader)
    18.3K 429 7

    A new girl shows up in Riverdale. Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, and Jughead Jones all quickly take a liking to her. Especially Jug....

  • cole sprouse and jughead jones imagines
    383K 6.1K 75

    As seen in the title. Taking in requests.

  • Wilson1228's 50K Celebration: Dylan O'Brien Ships Book
    1.9K 81 11

    As a celebration of reaching 50K reads on my Dylan O'Brien imagine/smut book (Link Below) I decided to do ships, blurbs, and mood boards for my readers and this is where I will be posting them! If you would like a ship, blurb, and/or mood board instructions are inside! Dylan O'Brien imagines/smut book: https://www.w...

  • Dylan O'Brien Imagines, Smuts, And Other Stuff.
    247K 3.8K 65

    All writing is my own unless stated otherwise. Dylan O'Brien (and his characters) is a beautiful man and I want to write about it. Smut, fluff, and things in between. Smut is labeled but don't read if you are uncomfortable with mature subject matter. Requests are accepted but may be denied.

  • Jughead Jones Imagines
    142K 2.4K 28

    Couldn't really see many of just jughead so I thought I'd write some of my own imagines for this little small bean 😍

  • Jughead x Reader (oneshots)
    47K 753 25

    One shots (This story is now Mature)

  • Jughead x reader//Serpent
    52.3K 1K 15

    Y/N and jughead have been friends since they were kids. But maybe there's a bit more to it ;)

  • Just One Drink | jughead x reader
    18.3K 356 6

    Best friends turned lovers

  • Jughead x reader (stopped :( )
    25.3K 681 18

    It's a Jughead x reader. I'm sorry if it's bad it's my first ever story but I hope you enjoy it 😊

  • perfect imperfections [j.j x reader]
    56.6K 1.4K 23


  • Imagines Cole Sprouse
    16.5K 341 57

    Cole Sprouse ©2017 Started: 13/01 Plágio é Crime! cover - @shybabyniall

  • ♡Jughead x Reader♡
    70.1K 1.4K 25

    Bunch of imagines, gif stories WARNING- this is only for Jughead Jones Requests are open(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎