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  • Rejected
    1.1M 43.8K 34

    Ashton Black. A 17 year old homophobe who's been waiting for his mate since he was 16. He's soon to be alpha and in a relationship with the most beautiful girl in the pack. Perfect life right? Well not anymore. On the first day of his senior year. Ashton meets Gabriel, his mate. Ashton is homophobic and thinks Gabrie...

  • Far From You
    77K 4.2K 20

    Author: 木采 [Mu Cai] Status: 8 Chapters (Complete) Summary: The first time WenYa met He YuanDong, it was before Big Brother WenXin bed. He bent over to cover his brother's quilt, gentle movements, seems to be afraid to awaken the sleeping brother. The second time he saw He YuanDong, was at home. He Grandfather entrus...

    Completed   Mature
  • [Completed] Love Sight
    132K 7.7K 33

    You think you can see everything when your eyes wide open. But try to close it for a while; you might see other things, things that you never believe before. When a stripper fall in love with a playboy. When a blind man confused of his feeling to a Doctor. ----- This is a recycle from my old story for other fandom...

  • Winters Paper Flowers (BxB)
    38.7K 1.1K 9

    Bxb story about the naive alluring main character try to find his true love.

  • I Lost His Heart [ BL Short Story ]
    28.9K 769 6

    [Completed] A very short story where a young man give his heart to someone just to make the person whom he truly loves happy. [An Original Story]

  • Ye Xian [ BL Story ]
    42K 1.4K 9

    The Young Lord must find this beautiful person that he saw bathing in the spring one night under the full bright moon. While a mere servant blushes "OH MY GOD! The Young lord saw me!" he silently screamed. [Adaptation of the Original Chinese Cinderella "Ye Xian"] [Not A Translation]

  • I Would Rather Be Hated [KONGART]
    22.5K 1.6K 18

    Hatred. That's what he sees in the eyes of the one he love. He had to do so. To make their memories vanish forever. Just like he will..soon. That was his true intention. To make the one he love leave him. "I'm sorry, my one true love. I'm sorry P'Arthit."

    Completed   Mature
  • SOTUS FanFic: The Sun and His Moon
    177K 5.3K 13

    "Can you enlighten me why we are in this position?" Arthit quickly tried to give some distance between them with a pillow but Kongpope was having none of those. He just tightened his hold on P'Arthit's waist and buried his head in between P'Arthit's neck and shoulder, breathing in his scent, throwing random kisses eve...

  • Romancing You (Completed)
    122K 8.2K 22

    Arthit is one of famous writer under name Krist. While Kongpop is a computer engineer and website desinger. So what will happen when they meet each other? I don't own the character, just the story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Be Mine (Completed)
    295K 17.1K 92

    Kongpob is a 2000 year old vampire king with special ability who felt that his life was boring with no spark in it until he met him Arthit his sun Declaration: I do not own any character all rights belongs to bittersweet Author note: This is the first time me writing a story, I am not native english or thai pls bear w...

  • The Assassin and the King - SOTUS
    248K 17.5K 83

    Imagine with me if you will, a land long ago, filled with kings, assassins and men of power. With palaces in the shimmering sands and great stories of treasure and jewels and precious things that could be found beneath the dunes. A re-imaging story of the characters from SOTUS. Characters from Sotus, they belong to th...

  • He Will Love Me
    124K 6.4K 16

    The Great Ryziel Enchavez try to kill himself? Why? Known as a beauty in his generation, multi-talented, and a genius in advance technology, Ryziel Enchavez. You could say he has a wonderful life. He has everything, a caring and cute brother, a huge business empire, and a handsome lover.Vincent Cordova. His boyfriend...

  • My Beautiful Flower
    896K 27.7K 41

    This story takes us back in the golden time of China in Han Dynasty. Lu Han, the son of the great General Lu Wei, was said to be so beautiful that while leaning over a balcony to look at the sky, the Moon Goddess would hide behind the clouds in shame. The people of Han called him the heavenly maiden. The ruthless migh...

  • Yeho
    218K 9.2K 23

    Yeho is a distant relative to a king in a small kingdom. Even though he is a distant relative, his house was very poor, and his mother was addicted to gambling. One day North Empire asked for Princess Sooyoung to be a concubine of an old Emperor because she was known for her beauty. But the king really loved his daugh...

  • Wife for the Wolf-Shifter (BL Novel)
    315K 13.9K 30

    Arden is the beautiful, proud and strong-minded second prince of FairFray. But after a two year long war, FairFray has fallen under power of the Wolf-God Kingdom Cavinglen. In order to save his country, Arden's brother, the Emperor agreed to all the treaty conditions. However, the last condition that must be fulfilled...

  • Oh The Throne? You Keep That.[BL]
    646K 35.1K 41

    As a politician who needed to give people kindness to make him stronger. Jin did just that from F rank soul power to a power house of SS Rank. He stood close to the pinnacle. But sadly dying before he could reach that stage. Being assassinated he thought all was lost, until he reincarnated as the second prince of Zu...

  • Emperor's Man(ManXMan){Mpreg}
    132K 4.9K 12

    It is story of a teenage boy in present who suddenly wakes up as an abandoned male concubine of a powerful and dangerous Emperor of Quing , How he will adjust to his new life? will he be able to win Emperors heart?

  • Scent of Cherry Blossoms (Ongoing)
    329K 15.6K 31

    Xiao Ming is the young lord of the Xiao household and his father is the left prime minister of the Red Star Kingdom. He is clever and arrogant with moments of mischiefs. Basically, he is a proud young lord from a noble lineage. However, he has a complex about his feminine appearance. Not only that, he has a condition...

  • Monopolizing Su Yi: Our daily life
    82.9K 2.6K 19

    Summary The emperor and the empress just got back from vacation and now spring has come for our favorite couple. Compilation of dabbles that may or may not be connected. DISCLAIMER: All familiar characters belong to Li Hua Yan Yu except the original characters introduced by me. Description Category: Fanfic Fandom: W...

  • Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG)
    2.2M 127K 103

    SECOND CHANCES, I didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never have been born, I was conceived by a maid and caused his most beloved wife to never forgive him. Hidden and forgotten until I was needed to take my...

  • Male Bride!!{Man*Man}[Mpreg]
    238K 8.1K 17

    It is story of Minister's son who was raised as a girl and his twin sister who was raised as a boy because of what was told by one fortune teller. How he was forced to marry prince of the Empire for his family. Will he be able to survive in the harem by hiding his gender? Will he be able to win prince's heart ? #R...

  • The Emperor's Diamond (mxb) MPREG
    119K 1.6K 7

    Tang Dynasty Period Emperor Huizhong was a well-known ruler with a kind heart and wise personality. His son, the crown Prince Jianyu who is already 24 by age was arranged to be married with a beautiful lady of Kuang Family, Xiulan who in fact was a boy in disguised. Jianyu who already had his own love interest, La...

  • The Prince's Tutor (BoyxBoy)
    163K 6.4K 24

    [Original Story/Not a Translation: Please Do Not Reupload!] Wen Gui and Xu Guang have been close since childhood. Perhaps it was only natural their feelings would develop beyond friendship. But that was long ago. Now the troubles of adulthood leave no time for childish feelings. With Wen Gui's responsibility as Crown...

  • The Male Concubine 男性的贵妃 (BOYxBOY)
    1.2M 34.6K 59

    A BL fiction about how a boy entered the imperial harem to replace his sister and end up having the Emperor fall for him

    Completed   Mature
  • The Male Empress 男性的皇后 (BOY X BOY)
    150K 4.3K 34

    Please read book 1 to not spoil the ending. Please it driving me nuts when you don't add both to your reading lists! The second book to "The Male Concubine" During his days as the Crowned prince, Hong Er after a battle that he lost, he was then taken as hostage but managed to escape since was deeply wounded in the mou...

  • Journey Of His Majesty's Unpredictable Wife
    223K 9.8K 30

    MC: You're Sick!, who wants to be your wife! ML: You are..wife, you can't run away from zhen. we are bound to live together. MC: NO! get away from me! and stop flashing your thing! it's hideous! ML: hehe..wanfei it's not hideous but it's yours.... MC: Come closer and i'll cut your yinjing in half!!! the MC holding a...

  • Love and betrayal
    26.9K 813 13

    This is a short story of love and betrayal as we follow the MC through his Lil journey of finding his childhoodd hubby and asking him to help save an empire. This is a short version of the actual book that I haven't completed yet.

    Completed   Mature
  • Wife, Please Stop Running Away!
    579K 31.5K 47

    Lin Mian Mian, age 23, was died in a car crash. He was transmigrated to a world where there are three genders: the male, female, and ger. Gers are males that can carry children and give birth like females. To classify males from gers, gers have these red markings called cinnabar that corresponds to their fertility: th...

    193K 11.5K 26

    Jiao Long did not expect that cursing at his ancestors would end up with him being sent to a different world, being sold, being kidnapped... He would call this an experience of a life time if he weren't always on the edge of life. Furthermore, a cocky boy too who looks too prestigious is on a dangerous road to become...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rich And Honorable Chang An
    900K 43.6K 84

    ***This Is A Translation Not Original Work*** Title: The Rich And Honorable Chang An [富贵长安] Original Author : Five Cloud Translator : Xah Xiaoran ( Image credited to Summary by the Translator: Xu Chang An lost his mother due to prolong poisoning by his father's concubine...