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  • Stay For Tonight (Kellin Quinn Fan Fiction)
    108K 1.5K 8

    "Why me? You could have any girl you want, but why me? I'm nothing special..." "Because you're not just any girl. I've only known you for a few hours, and I can already tell that you're more than special. There's something about you that no other girl has. What you do to me is something no other girl can do to me. You...

  • Behind my Scars is More (Sleeping with Sirens love story)
    177K 3.7K 24

    Mora Carmen was only eight-years-old when she ran away. When she ran away from her abusive parents, her sorrow, and her old life. She grew up moving place to place. Being forced to work at a young age, she had to work to survive. No one dared to care for her, or her music. But when she meets a local band who are risin...

  • Kellin Quinn's Daughter
    22.8K 759 5

    Kellin's already got his baby girl as far he's concerned; Copeland. But then he meets his daughter, his first daughter who he's never known about before. And her mother? Well she's none other than the inspiration for his hit song 'If You Can't Hang'...

  • Kellin Quinn Bible
    38.9K 4K 23

    *flips hair* I'm too punk rock for yew

  • Better Off Dead → Kellin Quinn.
    978 82 8

    Taylor Momsen era depressa, voleva solo morire. Kellin Quinn era depresso, voleva solo salvarsi, e salvarla. Questo é il suo diario segreto, su cui scrive solo di lei.

  • 100 Sleeping with Sirens Facts! (ita)
    8.3K 640 6

    Tutto ciò che dovreste sapere sugli Sleeping with Sirens. (Tutti i diritti sono riservati a @boybandfacts, io ho solo tradotto)

  • Vivere Con Gli Sleeping With Sirens
    6.5K 967 58

    Leggete anche: 👉 Vivere con I Falling In Reverse 👉In tour con i Tokio Hotel Prima raccolta della trilogia 'la mia vita con le band' Boh, credo che sia una raccolta malata dei miei pensieri. In pratica ero lì, mezza morta sul divano, e stavo pensando 'ma come sarebbe la mia vita se vivessi con una band?' E siccome...

  • Fight for You (Kellin Quinn Love Story)
    54.2K 1K 9

    Armani's brother and his band are going on tour for almost six months. Her and her brother, Jesse Lawson of Sleeping with Sirens, are as close as can be and now he's leaving. Not only is her brother and best buddies leaving but her crush Kellin Quinn. When she takes her best friend's advice to tell Kellin before he le...

  • Is Love Really Forever? (Kellin Quinn Fan Fic)
    867K 18.3K 53

    When Kellin meets the girl of his dreams one night he can't stop thinking about her. When he sees her again things go strong, until one night everything changes. *COMPLETED*