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  • Rae~
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    Original character, made by mwah. -flips hair over shoulder.- This is my main role-play character, with some information about herself, and some details about her past life. Please do not copy my character, I put so much effort and time into Rae, (four years to be exact) and you must be mistaken, if you think you can...

  • Bring Them To Life
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    Yup. These are just my OCs

  • Character Information.
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    Read the title.

  • Sage
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    "I am a child of the moon, being raised by the sun, In a world walked by stars, and a sky drawn with flowers." _________________ ❂Alchemist-Solar Manipulator❂ ☾Half-Blood Lycanthrope☾ @SolsticeTribe

  • OC Dejanah
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    RolePlay - Dominant Lycanthrope - Original Character. Please read Dejanah's descriptions before interacting with this character or her Pack; there are important rules I have set.