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  • Of Numbers and Strange Friendships
    1.2M 58.3K 74

    Loki and Peter Parker somehow forge a friendship after one flippant comment. No one on the team quite understands how it happened. But it seems to do the god some good to have Peter as a friend. Original prompt:

  • Team Stark 《Completed》
    225K 8.5K 30

    After losing everyone he loves, Peter Parker has to live on the streets. Yet he still only cares about other people so he still goes out every day as Spider-Man. What is going to happen if the Avengers are trying to catch him? Can he escape or will everyone find out the truth about this 'Friendly Neighborhood Spider...

  • Spider-man: Alone in New York
    869K 31.9K 42

    After Uncle Ben died, Peter Parker's world crashed. Aunt May blamed him for his death and years later continued to do so. Not only does Peter have to look after school, work, and being Spider-man, but now he started working at the Stark Tower as an intern. Can Peter balance all the hate, bullying, and abuse that comes...

  • Son Of Nick Fury (Percy Jackson x Avengers)
    908K 26.4K 44

    Percy Jackson fanfiction, Son of Fury. When Percy returned from his first quest, he came home to find his mom had been murdered by Gabe. (sorry, I still love Sally!) He was taken to an orphanage but met a certain man in the park who happened to be Nick Fury. Now living together, the pair get along well. Nick suspect...

  • The Fullmetal Avenger
    3.8K 216 6

    Edward and his, now flesh, brother are in modern New York. They had been subjected to traveling around the world in order to keep their never ageing bodies a secret. Though, when Tony Stark receives a strange file filled with pictures of a boy that doesn't seem to exist, things start to escalate. Set before and throug...

  • Stuck in Gotham
    8.2K 186 8

    Deadpool and Peter a.k.a Spiderman are hanging out in the park of Manhattan. When all of a sudden Deadpool's teleporter malfunctions! Which ends them up in a completely different world! (universe? Multiverse?) Which leads to a whole lot of trouble. Will they be able to go back home or will they be stuck there foreve...

  • Batman and Spider-man: Year One
    2.4K 91 22

    Batman must learn to work together with an energetic vigilante as high-tech Vibranium weapons circle around the streets of Gotham. (This story is also on

  • Konoha Spider
    84.3K 3.2K 54

    Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Abrume Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? ps: I notices there is no spiderman and naruto crossover so I decided to put this one up on wattpad and I g...

  • Spider-Man: The Defenders
    44.8K 1K 17

    Spoiler warning for Homecoming and (obviously) The Defenders. After Peter decides to stay a street level hero, a mysterious organization enters his life and makes his life as Spider-Man harder.... The Hand. Things get even weirder for Peter when he meets the likes of Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny R...

  • A Guardian (Avengers Fanfiction)
    415K 9.9K 25

    Steve takes Bucky to a shelter to adopt a therapy dog. There they find Tack and the rest is history... Sort of... TACK IS MINE

  • Home isn't just a place
    49.2K 2.5K 28

    Peter Benjamin-Edward Stark has been through a lot in his life. Luckily he has a really good family to help him through all his problems. Peter was closer than ever with his parents---sort of---and his Aunt was okay and things finally seemed to be going back to normal. Of course with Peter's luck it wasn't going to l...

  • Finding Their Way Home
    213K 7.7K 34

    Peter Benjamin-Edward Stark went missing on a Tuesday. For months the entirety of the New York police department, as well as anyone else the Starks could convince to join, searched for the tot. He was only three when he was taken and for four months, two weeks, and four days, Tony Stark and Pepper Stark (nee Potts) wo...

  • The Eyepatch Ghoul
    111K 2.8K 44

    Kaneki after the war of twentieth ward was about to face Arima till a black void engulfed him transporting him to another world. No CCG no other Ghouls he's alone in this world little did he know things are more complicated than they seem.

  • Interdimensional
    13.8K 612 13

    SEQUEL OF DIMENSIONAL it's highly recommended to read Dimensional first in order to understand whats happening in this book. Little side note there was an age change of robin from thirteen to fifteen (just Incase you read the first one before the change was made) Dick Grayson has two worlds colliding, will he choos...

  • Dimensional
    57.3K 1.7K 20

    Robin is teleported to the marvel universe, will he be able to go home, or is his new one with the people of New York? Robin must use his smarts, training, and comedic skills to get out of this one. Little side note, if you read this book, I've changed the age of robin from thirteen to fifteen. It's needed for the se...

  • A World Not Of His Own
    26.1K 715 7

    Robin is transported to an alternate dimension. Birdflash. Avengers. There are lots of similar stories to this similar storyline so please do not be accusatory. I would give credit but I dont know where I read the similar stories and there are too many anyways.

  • Peter Parker. Red eyed boy....
    117K 5.1K 15

    Written 2018-2019-early 2020- discontinued Peter turned 16... and let's just say some weird things have been happening. Why are his eyes red?? So I started this out in my one shot book but decided it would be super fun to do separately as it's own book...

  • I'm Here
    70.6K 2.2K 19

    Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman is dealing with some problems after the homecoming event. He didn't know how to ask for help and who to ask for that help. Good thing Tony Stark is here to help out. So, what would happen if both of them realized that they cared for each other like a father and son and started to live the...

  • Finding hope: A Peter Parker fan fic
    61.4K 1.6K 10

    Peter, orphan, irondad, you know the drill :) Peter loses the only person in his life who's always there for him... well at least that's what he thinks I hope you enjoy my story! ( also, I don't own the avengers, and any videos or pics that I post!)

  • Street Runner
    81.6K 2.3K 14

    Peter Parker was left alone to fend for himself on the streets after his aunt,who was his only family left passed away from a car crash. Peter Is also running from everyone because they might put him in an orphanage, and to top that all off he is also spiderman and just so happened to be taken under the wing of Tony S...

  • Superfamily & Irondad one shots
    356K 10.7K 44

    Just a bunch of one shots of Spider-Man and the avengers. Irondad, spider-son, superfamily. All that stuff. enjoy! .... None of the artwork is mine unless said otherwise

  • Lost
    46.4K 1.3K 12

    It was a regular night. Peter was alone in his room, May was hanging out with her boyfriend. Peters whole life turned when he heard the gunshot. Now living with Tony, can his life he restored and back how it was before? -no infinity war/endgame -civil war, but it wasn't as bad and Tony and Steve made up - tony and pe...

  • A Collapsing Star
    34.1K 1.6K 20

    The Stark family has started to mend the broken bond between them and the rogue avengers. After the incident with Doctor Octopus, things finally seem like it's going to get better. And they actually wanted things to get better. So when Steve claims that Bucky is finally free of Hydras control and asks that he moves ba...

  • As Long As The Sun Burns
    143K 5K 21

    Peter didn't know a lot about why his parents split up. It happened when he was a baby, and his dad didn't like to talk about it. But that was fine. He didn't mind. He had his dad and he had Uncle Rhodey and that was enough. But when the Rogue Avengers (and his Poppa) are forced to return to the tower, Peter is force...

  • Months Later- Spiderman- Avengers
    111K 3.9K 33

    On a mission Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman is taken.

  • A Dad of Ir⎊n Will || Marvel
    62.3K 2.3K 17

    The snap has left them broken. But Stark seems to be the same as ever. Still surrounded by the ones he loves. They don't know what he's lost and he's not sure he wants to tell them, but you'll be damn sure he'll get it back. [ minor endgame spoilers but not canon compliant ]

  • When The Whole World Know
    107K 2K 15

    A fanfic where Tony Stark and Pepper Stark had a kid named Peter Stark. Cute moment of the father and son duo Stark Family Iron dad Spiderson Pepper Stark Spideychelle IronFam TYPO AND GRAMMAR ERROR

  • Avengers' Spiderman
    151K 3K 15

    Just a bunch of one-shots about the Avengers' Spiderman and his life with them. Requests are open😁

  • marvellous
    523K 14.6K 81

    || Marvel oneshots || Mainly our baby Peter Parker and the avengers <3 The cover art isn't mine so credits to the artist ! - scar