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  • HOO Jason Grace x Reader: My Reality
    5.5K 108 12

    Mortal AU! (Y/n) (L/n) is a normal, or you could say normal, high school girl. She's not popular, but she's not unpopular either. (Y/n) comes from a family of four, her married but always fighting parents, her twelve year old sister, and herself. She has a boyfriend and his name is Taylor, their relationship was...

  • Fighting for You (Leo Valdez x Reader)
    38.1K 1K 22

    READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE At the site of giant deaths, Does Mother Earth stay, The last of her essence, Must be put away. The Seven to go, Have two to sway, Through godly blood, To join their sibling's way. This prophecy was recently retrieved from the Sibylline books. As the standout siblings of the Seven...

  • Forgotten - A Percy Jackson X Reader
    113K 3.2K 21

    Orphaned (Y/N) (Y/L/N) thought she had finally found an accepting family when she arrived at Camp Half Blood, but all that changed the night Percy Jackson slayed the Minotaur. Ever since that day she had been holding a grudge against the Son of Poseidon that even her best friend, Jason Grace, couldn't get her to let g...

  • Will Solace x reader
    2.1K 42 13

    Read The Title

  • Will Solace x Reader
    3.3K 120 10

    There is a lack of Will Solace x Readers on Wattpad, so I've made a couple myself to restore them. Also, I have read every single Will Solace x Reader Wattpad has to offer, and just saying that everyone has done a great job so far. [REQUESTS NEEDED]

  • Will Solace x Reader
    7.1K 177 17

    Will and his girl. You and your boy. Through dating to who knows what lies ahead. Suggestions always open!!

  • Will Solace x Reader/oneshot book
    9.3K 100 17

    Very slow updates. Soz if this is really bad. It's my first one. Enjoy! Also, none of these characters are mine. Just the plot. Kind of I didn't really ask to be a demigod. I mean my life was prettty normal until I was attacked by a hellhound.

  • Will Solace x reader
    41.2K 624 34

    pretty much just the title

  • Percy Jackson: Hera's Mistake Leo Valdez x Reader
    23.2K 513 28

    Being the goddess of marriage she was suppose to stay faithful to her husband even if he cheats. Well that promise didn't always stay. Hera went off and met a man and they had a kid and she kept it hidden from Zeus that she was pregnant. Eventually Zeus found out and he was angry. At Hera and You. Now it's your time...

  • Leo Valdez x Reader
    32.4K 673 41

    The title pretty much explains everything. Some of the stories are one shots. Some of them aren't. I may have a main story plot line behind everything so I'll let you know if that's the case. I take requests but I DON'T DO SMUT! If you ask for it I will simply not reply.

  • leo valdez x reader
    420K 8.2K 29

    For all your leo needs :3 I do request. I try not to do smut but if people insist... ;) one of my first stories I really hope you like it

  • Leo Valdez x Reader
    158K 5.7K 61

    "Well, Valdez," I said quietly, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer. "It's going to be a crazy ride." Y/N is a girl who feels weak, but soon realizes that's not the case. Her mother is starting to blame her for things that keep happening, though Y/N doesn't have any control over them. After a satyr...

  • Leo Valdez x reader
    196K 6.1K 31

    Y/n l/r is broken. She was abused by her mother at home after her brothers death and her father left, and she's severly bullied at school. After she turned twelve she ran away. After beingnon the run for years she comes across Camp Half-Blood. Leo Valdez is broken, but he doesn't show it. After rescueung Calypso from...

  • fire is love (Leo x reader oneshots)
    47.3K 1K 39

    Just having fun with the bad boy himself Leo Valdez. You can send in requests but no smut of lemon ok love you bye

  • Bad Boy Supreme { Leo Valdez x Reader One Shorts }
    131K 3.1K 38

    Y/n is just an ordinary girl, right? Wrong.... She's Leo's girl. -+-+-+-+-+ One Shorts with your favorite Bad Boy Supreme, Super Sized McShizzle Man, Repair Boy, Supreme Commander of the Argo II, Captain of the Argo II and last but not least, The One The Only Leo Valdez!!!!!!!!!!! {Slowly under editing.}

  • Jason Grace X Reader
    1.5K 24 2

    Kathrine is a rare demigod but she doesn't know it. She sits on a bus with her best friends Leo, Piper and Jason when Jason doesn't seem to remember a thing. Maybe being related to the Maiden goddess is a bad thing. Maybe it isn't?

  • Daughter of Artemis (leo Valdez x reader)
    10.7K 243 6

    my first story. I do not own any characters Rick Riordan does. Y/n l/n was a normal girl.... until she woke up in some place she had never seen with a boy she had never met. ( I kind of stink at summaries)

  • Daughter of Artemis (Percy Jackson x Reader)
    28.8K 775 12

    You're the daughter of Artemis, something that has never thought to be possible. You're set on a quest alongside Percy. Will you make the right choice?

  • Leo Valdez X Readers: Corny Love Stories
    26.8K 804 5

    Welcome to my Leo Valdez X Readers: Where I write gushy, corny, and cute shorts about you and Leo because I'm desperate for more. Ha. Warning: I'm not the best at updating and write when I feel like it. Enter at your own risk.

  • The Mysterious Eighth (Leo Valdez X Reader)
    4.8K 103 6

    You were doing fine with your dad in New York, but then everything changed. You find out that you're the newest part of a Great Prophecy. The Mysterious Eighth. (P.S. Thanks to a wonderful genius on DeviantArt, I was able to title this story 'The Mysterious Eighth'. I'm sad to say I can no longer find this brilliant p...

  • Unexpected Allies (A short HoO Kane Chronicles Crossover) [Unedited]
    17.1K 468 6

    When the Seven and Nico pop into The Brooklyn Academy for the Gifted to pick up Malcolm and take him to camp they run into a couple of magicians. It gets even worse when they follow them to camp.

  • Leo Valdez X Reader:Oceans of Fire
    10.9K 225 16

    A Percy Jackson fanfiction. Leo X Reader (Daughter of Poseidon). An adaptation of the Heroes of Olympus series. TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of self harm.

  • HIATUS | Nico di Angelo x Reader
    19.8K 471 7

    ❝ Your voice is your identity. If you don't use it, you're halfway to Asphodel already. ❞ -Nico di Angelo ----- serendipity; n. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way "When love feels like magic, you call it destiny. When destiny has a sense of humor, you call it serendipity." ...

  • Captured (Nico x reader)
    85.9K 2.9K 26

    On a quest. Overwhelmed by the death of your "mom" you start to lose some of your "sanity." . . . . . . oops, you fell~ ♡ Just read and find out more~ (Under editing) (Under editing)

  • The Girl With the Diamond Blade- Nico di Angelo x Reader (Percy Jackson Fanfic)
    276K 9K 20

    COMPLETE You, meaning you the reader, have a normal life in upstate New York. One day, an event takes place that will change your life forever. I do not own you, Nico di Angelo, etc. Cover art belongs to Viria. This story takes place after The Last Olympian, but before The Lost Hero (or, as an inside joke, The Misp...

  • Nico X Reader Oneshots
    274K 7.9K 38

    A series of Nico oneshots.May contain spoilers,I do request some may have OC's and there may be a WITTLE bit of um fluff and a cussing.Just a warning.Anyway so um yeah....ENJOY!!!!!!!

  • • Nico di Angelo x Reader • One Shots •
    106K 2.1K 46

    "One person has many sides..." Love the Ghost King? Want to read about the crazy adventures featuring you, the reader, and Nico? Maybe cook together, or have him as a soulmate? Well you came to the right place! Read on to find out about all the romantic and not-so-romantic one shots with all your favorite PJO /HOO ch...

  • Nico di Angelo x Reader Oneshots
    509K 16.1K 49

    Hello, (Y/n)! In this book of oneshots, YOU are the main character. And it looks like a certain son of Hades has taken an interest in you *wink wink*

  • Tidel Wave Nico Di Angelo x Reader
    606K 16.9K 71

    Completed (: Warning: this is my first work! To me, it's kinda cringe but I need to edit it. (: kinda cliche I guess. You are 15 years old and the only half-blood that Nico Di Angelo can stand. Little do they know that they have crushes on each other. This is after the second titan war and war with Gaea. This will ha...

  • Nico X Reader - Lucky
    122K 2.4K 31

    **UNDER A LOT OF HEAVY EDITING** Cheesy and kinda cringey, but what do you expect when I started writing this at the ripe age of 13? This is a Nico Di Angelo love story in which everything goes wrong and bad. Does it all turn out better at the end? Read and find out.