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  • Car Crash Hearts (Peterick)
    62.4K 4.1K 18

    "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" Peterick AU.

    Completed   Mature
  • Show me my demon || Peterick
    907 114 11

    [Concluída] Se eu te pedir, você me mostraria do que sou capaz? Saberia lidar com alguém que não é acostumado a ver? Continuaria me amando do mesmo jeito? Então eu te peço, mostre-me meu demônio.

    Completed   Mature
  • W e a k n e s s [Peterick AU] - #Wattys2016
    207K 11.9K 48

    An excellent serial killer, who has never failed any of his missions. Nobody can soften his cold heart... Except one. Highest ranking so far: #2 in Peterick & #1 in Fall Out Boy - TRIGGER WARNING: frequent cussing, mention of self harm, rape and suicide -

  • Just Like Me
    182K 10.5K 22

    Patrick Stump is a small lovesick 16 year old who has a massive crush on Pete Wentz, who just so happens to be the coolest kid at their school. Pete and Patrick end up in the same cabin for a school field trip, forcing them to constantly be together. What could possibly go wrong? (I tried to make it cute I swear, but...

  • a n g e l i c
    120 2 2

    Pete Wentz só desejava que uma esperança pudesse correr em suas veias algum dia. Ele não precisou esperar muito, mas ele não imaginava que seria algo maior que sua tão desejada esperança. Uma noite caiu, e ele se viu envolvido em alguém que quase não conhecia, mas que podia ser aquele que realizou seu desejo. Amor ang...

  • Fallen Kingdom
    7.4K 511 39

    "I hate when you do things right."

  • Losing Innocence
    46.4K 1.1K 6

    We need more Peterick fics so here! Patrick is very innocent until one night. Rating: NC-17 Warning: if you don't like sex, don't read it.

  • begin again [peterick au]
    1.1K 106 4

    In 2003, Fall Out Boy break up for good. Things change quickly: after 15 years, all the members have their own life and forgot everything about each other and the past years, when they were still a band. Pete and Patrick live happily; they both have a family now. But when things start falling apart, a simple coincide...

  • Take Your Tears, Put 'Em On Ice
    127K 7K 50

    Pete Wentz is a high school hockey player, captain and star of the team. Patrick Stump is home-schooled, though spends most of his free time at the local ice rink. Years pass, their schedules just bumping around one another. That is until one day Patrick calls his aunt in need of aid, where Pete answers the plea. Part...

  • Look me in the eyes, can you see my soul? (Peterick)
    87.4K 3.1K 21

    Patrick Stump just wants to be beautiful. Pete Wentz wants him to realize how beautiful he actually is.

  • Joe's Cousin (Peterick)
    56K 3.9K 15

    "Patrick, this is my asshole of a best friend that kind of has a way of words," Peterick AU.

  • Desirable. (Peterick)
    47.3K 1.9K 19

    A story in which Patrick is a model. And Pete is his photographer. Top!Pete Bottom!Pat (Smut. Also some trigger warnings.)

  • Senior Slump Or Comeback Of The Year
    97.2K 6.9K 52

    Just a normal Peterick Highschool AU. Patrick is a loser and has been for the past three years. He has little hope that his final year will bring any change to his failing social status. He is and will probably forever remain a nobody. Pete Wentz is a new student with a pretty face and a dark past. His good looks and...

  • grey ; peterick
    34.1K 2.8K 14

    pete sees colours. patrick is blue. completed. @prscription

  • Menace
    1K 177 7

    "Eu não sei, Pete"- o ruivo o olhou com incerteza. "Vamos, vai ser divertido"- ele insistiu, tentando arrastar o amigo para a maior festa que aconteceria até o fim do colegial. "Tudo bem"- respondeu finalmente cedendo-"Mas, não me deixe sozinho"- "Não vou, Patrick"- Pete garantiu, mas fez exatamente o oposto. *CONSUMO...

  • peterick oneshots
    327 21 3

    Só histórias que eu tenho preguiça de fazer um livro

  • Melody Of Tears {peterick}
    280 45 4

    +Para Ruth+ {E você choramingou "venha para casa" numa melodia de lágrimas}