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  • Fourtris Fluff
    183K 3.5K 26

    Cute Fourtris fluff. Can Tris stand up to the challenge when Four becomes sick? After initiation but before the war.

  • If Tris was Alive
    23.7K 517 9

    When the world is split, and you're just finding out who you are, you know there's gonna be bad things happen. Then, you have love, and fears, and promises. Then it's just hell on you. Especially when you're different from literally everyone around you. But, love and friends and work evens it out… right? Maybe…

  • Divergent: If War Hadn't Happened: BOOK ONE
    259K 4.7K 27

    What happens if there was no war between Erudite & Abnegation? How would Tris live her life after she was ranked #1? RECONTINUING

  • Divergent Fanfiction
    96.3K 1K 12

    A Fanfiction about Six/Tris and Four/Tobias going through post-divergent.The war never happened but Al is still dead. Will, and Eric are alive. Unfortunately, I don't own divergent, the amazing Veronica Roth does.

  • Life in Dauntless
    98.8K 2.3K 21

    Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Al, Will, Marlene Uriah, Jeannine and Tris hadn't died in the Divergent trilogy? Would Tris and Tobias have a happy ending? Would Marlene and Uriah start a relationship? Would Shauna be in a wheelchair with Zeke always behind her? What about Will and Christina? Would...

  • The Years After
    81.2K 1.9K 15

    This fanfic takes place five years after the war. Everything has gone back to normal. Tris and Four currently share an apartment. They have continually dated since Insurgent left off. They train initiates together now. Four still works in the control room and Tris has chosen the job of a tattoo artist. They are not ma...

  • INSURGENT: Tobias
    556K 11.4K 25

    This second book of the Divergent Trilogy, but written entirely from Tobias's perspective instead of Tris's. Remember all those times you were wondering what Tobias could've possibly been thinking during Insurgent? No need to wonder! All you need to do is read this story!

  • DIVERGENT: Tobias (Watty Award Winner 2013)
    2.8M 63.4K 30

    Divergent in Tobias's perspective! Have you ever wondered what is going on in Tobias/Four's mind while you were reading? Well you don't have to wonder anymore. I update very frequently and would love if anyone would read this. It is my first time writing for fun.