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    Kehlani Parrish ❤️ #4 in Kehlani: 06/28/19 #1 in KehlaniParrish 10/20/19 Started: 05/22/18

  • Sleeping With My Boss
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    Normani starts her new job and meets her new boss, Dinah Jane Sparks fly and Mani cannot deny her new charming boss of anything!

  • Real life
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  • The rich girl and the track star
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    Mani has everything every little girl could ever dream of while Dinah Jane has to work for everything she wants in life while dealing with the bullying she faces as well Norminah G!P

  • In love with a player
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    Mani falls for Kehlani who happens to be a player. Kehlani is a police officer who works along side Mani's older brother, Jared and he has warned Kehlani to stay away from his sister. Will she adhere or she will fall in love with the melanin beauty?

  • |You & Me Together|
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  • The Stripper
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    Madeline's a stripper with a boring girlfriend , Jasmine's a trap boss with a gold-digging girlfriend. When these two have a one night stand , could it turn into more ? - - - [ I own no pictures ]

  • The Maid
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    "Yes, Ma please don-!" I jumped up out my sleep slightly sweating with wet undies. "Ughhh" I yell Ashely aka Ash, the house keeper of Young Ma's house has fantasies about her boss. What will happen when the two cross paths? Katorah aka Ma, the boss of her house keeper, Ash is feelings Ash, but Ash says she isn't into...

  • The One
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    Arianna is a smart and beautiful girl. She has a 3.7 GPA and never misses a day in school. She lives with her mom,dad and little sister. What happens when a new girl named Norelies comes to her school. How will her life be affected. Read on to find out.

  • Silent Diaries : Book 3
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    THERE HAS BEEN - SILENCE THERE HAS BEEN - SECRETS IT IS TIME TO - CONFESS "What is done in the dark....... Must come to the light" SILENT DIARIES BOOK 3 Author - Ajaay_Skittles For any questions - PM me or kik me @Dreadheadreddd ENJOY

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  • Silent Diaries: Book 1
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    Loren and Jasmine are 2 different girls. Loren a girl who's been through hell and back, has given up on everything and everyone, she feels she is alone in this world, and has sworn to herself to never talk. She has come to the conclusion that words causes problems and silence is golden. Jasmine on the other hand is...

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  • The Rich Kid (sXs)
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    (Stud×Stud) Queen's that girl. You know? The one in every movie and every book that's the poor girl with the struggling family and single mom with a bunch of kids. Yeah, that's her. Queen Mengele's her name. All of Queen's life she's had to struggle and pick up the scraps of her family, being the eldest child and stud...

  • The Love Cycle
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    Join Simone on her "love" journey and see where it leads her to in the end.

  • Coldest Winter
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    Apryl Hill A high school senior Que a drug dealer

  • I can turn a Straight Bitch Gay
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    19 Year old Diamond has been in love with Ja'toree since High school but never told her, because she wasn't into girls. Now that she's out of high school and out of her shy shell will she come out and tell Ja'toree How she feels or will she let Ja'toree go.

  • Daddy ( StudxStud)
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    Hey guys . Just read HIGHEST RANKING #14

  • SCARS | STITCHES 2 (girlxgirl)
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    **THE SEQUEL TO STITCHES*** cover by: blacksmithgraphics I started shaking, I'm going to die, they're not going to shoot Josh they don't see him as a threat if I was the one pointing the gun they would have shot me with no hesitation. One of the officers put down his gun and took a step closer to Josh. "Don't move or...

  • Fallen Lights
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    {Discontinued.} "Life have has many traits and just because you up, doesn't mean you can't crumble down." Erica Mena, a wild-card figure with many skeletons hidden in her closet. She's known to keep things at ease and always shine on Top. Nowadays, Erica can't seem to no longer dodge the balls that are near her and wi...

  • She's Daddy
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    Past events have made Shawna Parks into the person she is today; a young prettyboi stud with acid in her mouth, a chip on her shoulder and a temper to do the Irish part of her mixed ancestry proud. She likes her women short with long hair and spiky heels (like any self respecting butch dyke would) and drinks her Whisk...

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  • Am I Just Enough? (StudxFem)*DISCONTINUED*
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  • All In ( Lesbian Story)
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    This is book 1 of the majors. Please enjoy. Based of my imagination and research when I felt like it lol. Just here: I laughed and licked my lips as she turned her head. She was a cranky ass person when she was tired. Especially after sex. "I'm sorry love," I said as I rubbed her head. "Seriously you need a place we...

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  • Behind My Smile - COMPLETED
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    Briasia And Reece have been together for 3 years , In those 3 years Reece has been nothing but abusive to Briasia , traumatizing her into thinking there is no good . Due to the abuse she suffered from her parents briasia deals with Reece until one day Reece's best-friend Lee Of 24 years steps up to Reece . Lee has a...

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  • Wards(lesbian)
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    Rockell ends up facing Jail time for a crime she didn't commit and possibly escapes by going to a government funded program. But what happens when she gets more than she bargained for. (I know this shit was lame I'm bad at descriptions.....JUST READ IT GOT DAMN IT.) If you like divergent you'll probably like this.

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  • Bad Girls
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    Kailin is 17 year old lesbian who don't sticks her self to a label, but this girl is full and sure of herself. She wants to finish highchool with a bang. She is very smart, she plans on going to Texas University. She wouldn't dream of leaving Texas. Kailin is a big problem child, fights, partying, clubbing, girls...

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  • 𝔸 𝕊𝕥𝕦𝕕 𝕎𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝔸 𝔹𝕒𝕓𝕪.
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    And when I heard him cry A tear fell A being I had carried for 9 months He was finally here The only thing I have entitled to me Someone who will love me unconditionally Welcome to the world my boy. The chapters are short . Go on , read it.

  • Insecure
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    When Chantari Oakley's 'long lost' mother shows up out of nowhere, her life is upended drastically and she is not too happy about it. Navigating a dangerous new city isn't easy especially when it comes with a new parent, new friends, new enemies and new mysterious crush that is so not her type but so has her attention.

  • Once my bully now my lover (studxstud)
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    Kacey luckett a 16 year old who just moved to a new state. She was bullied her whole life. She came from a abusive home. Find out how she handles her new life in a whole new state

  • STITCHES(girlxgirl) editing
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    "I'm not a lesbian " Jordan whispered nervously. I stared into the eyes. "I'm not saying you are?" I said blowing smoke into her face. "I'm just curious" I said starring at her bra, which showed off her full breast. "Do you kiss all your roommates the way you kissed me?" Cover by: loyallyric | #1| Diverselit - 4.8.19 ...

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  • The Freshman
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