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  • Ya No Creo En El Amor 💔 ( Bellota X Butch )
    56K 2.8K 53

    Hola a todos soy nueva y espero que le guste mucho mi historia💚 Bellota cuando tenia 7 años se enamoró de su amigo Butch pero él destino los separa y bellota nunca supo él motivó por la cual Butch se fue ella me lleno de odio y de rencor La pregunta del millón ¿ Bellota volverá creer en él amor ? Historia original ❤

  • Enamoradas de nuestros NINEROS!?(Ppgz x Rrbz)
    24.3K 1.3K 7

    Podra ser que nos enamoremos de nuestros nineros?

  • Salvando la Navidad - PPG y RRB
    1.4K 103 1

    Las Powerpuff Girls quieren una Navidad perfecta, sin embargo descubren que Santa Claus ha desaparecido y se vuelcan en encontrarle. Los Rowdyruff boys las acompañarán en la búsqueda.

  • Why Did you change (butchercup)
    6.6K 153 8

    Butch and buttercup were dating and had the best relationship until butch broke up with buttercup and left her for five years What happens if butch returns and wants to win buttercups heart back Read to find out

  • P a r t O f M e ❤ ( Butchercup story) ❤|||
    6.9K 305 24

    Butch has had a thing for Buttercup since they first met. Unfortunately, he's treated her like shit forever because he doesn't know how to treat people. Buttercup has always seen butch as a violent, angry pest that needed speech therapy when they were five. but things change once puberty hits...

  • Boy Next Door (Butchercup fanfic)
    1.7K 69 10

    Kaoru lived a normal life. But what will she do when a new guy moves in the neighborhood? This is my first fanfic. Just a regular wattpad user getting bored and decided to waste her time making crappy stories so don't mind me °v° This fanfic contains a few swear words so yea... that's all I have to say... Disclaimer: ...

  • ppgz x rrbz : amor difícil "segunda temporada"
    1.4K 87 2

    los chicos y las chicas ya van saliendo por 5 meses , su relación iva muy bien hasta que algo paso donde esto afectara un poco su relación por las contraparte de ellos osea esos cuando se ven en el espejo y aparecen ellos solamente que amable (bueno ustedes entienden) pero ellos la quieren recuperar y asi será?

  • te amo aunque seas de mi sangre
    5.2K 334 20

    Bellota y Butch Matsabura ambos mejores amigos y sobre todo HERMANOS... Bunny:pero es tu hermano! Bellota :lo se pero lo amo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blizt:es de tu sangre! Butch:lo se amo a mi hermanita ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bellota :te amo pero esto está prohibido Butch:lo se pero eso no me detiene te am...

  • Butchercup One-Shots
    8.3K 239 5

    One-Shots about the toughest and strongest Puff and Ruff. Written as requests, Ideas I could think of and etc. If you don't know who is the PowerPuff Girls Z, I highly suggest you watch it before reading this book. That is all for now. Thank you! Hope you enjoy and find inspiration to write a story on your own by read...

  • Your'e still the one~
    322 11 4

    Even if they are in different relationships, they still think they aren't complete. It has been 13 years since they have seen eachother. So we'll see what happens. butchercup love story

  • Vampire Love
    9K 232 6

    When the ppgz world is runover by vampires will the ppgz find out that the rrbz are their mates a-- Buttercup:hey hey whao whao hey i didn't agree to this! Butch:come on butterbabe.... Me:i should go *runs away* Buttercup:*tackles butch*

  • Rival In LOVE [Book 2]
    16.7K 475 21

    Book 2 of PPGZxRRBZ and PPGxRRB Collide After the epic collision of the PPGZ and RRBZ to their original Counterparts PPG and RRB. They are doing well, now that they are in 9th grade, still in New Townsville Junior High, They're relationship with each other are steady, they are 15 yrs old now. Is they're love story ha...

  • Bullet Love (ButchxButtercup)
    729 31 1

    Butchercup!! Short story and might have some tragedy and you might cry depends on you!! Hope you like!! No OC! Short story! I don't own any of the characters here!

  • Butchercup
    589 29 7

    After kissing someone your new soon to be boyfriend wonder why you were blushing so much that day you explained everything then your story counties from there

  • SOUL EATER BOOK 2 (buttercup x butch)
    3.2K 149 25

    It's been a while since the events that happen and buttercup and butch have never been better. Sadly though not everyone gets a happy ending so soon. How will buttercup react with herself? And how far will butch go for his love buttercup?

  • Prom Night
    6.5K 258 29

    "If you want to take bc away you have to go through me first." Butch's famous words before he got beaten black and blue by buttercup who looked like she would start a massacre. Read to find out more. This story is mostly about butchercup. So if you want some blossick and boomubbles, please give me ideas for new books...

  • Powerpuff Love
    9.6K 222 17

    Powerpuff Love is a fanfiction about the romance between the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys. It was originally supposed to be three chapters, one for each pairing, but has received an unprecedented amount of love and become a full-fledged fanfic novel. Don't forget to vote, comment and share this story if you...

  • 3 Twins Power.
    661 29 7

    well girls are sisters. buttercup had black hair and emald green eyes. she is tomboy bubbles had blond hair and baby blue eyes. she is bubbly. blossom had orange hait and pink eyes. she is ckever and hipperactive. what will happenr if something bad will happen them and they will lost theirselfs? what is reason is boy...

  • The Queen of Wolves
    1.4K 90 7

    buttercup a young girl, 19 years old. when a life or death situation happens what will happen to buttercup? but the real question is .... .... ... .. . who really is the queen of the wolves?

  • Roommates
    2.2K 56 8

    The powerpuff girls are chosen to live with the rowdyruff boys. Of course it's only temporary. Soon enough, the boys gain feelings for the girls. But they would never tell them of course! The girls also fall for the boys, but in different ways... they start having these desires...dirty...desires. The boys notice the...

  • Running away from you. Book One
    12.4K 336 54

    Kiddnaped little girls fell in the strongest werewolfs paws. Love or hate? Slave or wife? Death or life? If werewolfs don't they have enough enemy to be dead.. everyone tries to kill them.. forgotten past and blurry future.. but they're alive.. is this luck or werewolfs? Read and discover

  • Fulfilled Promise
    4.5K 242 27

    C'mon. Who doesn't love reading about a boy trying to get a "Don't -Come-Near-Me-Or-You'll-Regret-It" tomboy known none other than: Koaru Matsubara. A Sweet Story with a twist, humor and the PPGZ and RRBZ; mainly Butch and Koaru. "Hi guys! ok so this is my own stuff that my sis and i wrote. its my first book so i don...

  • Heroes of Townsville(greens )
    21.3K 1K 32

    Two years had passed since the defeat of HIM. A lot has happened to the beloved heroes of New Townsville, well, not really. It's always been the same with the Powerpuff Girls Z... until one fateful moment, villains started to grow much stronger than they're supposed to be. Now there's some new allies right by their si...

  • We All Meet ( ppg x rrb ) Slow Updates
    5.2K 192 16

    Blossick- vampires Boomubbles- ghosts Butchercup- werewolfs

  • "Destino del Desierto" (PpgzxRrbz)
    31.1K 2K 50

    Los desiertos tienen sus misterios, donde solo el destino caprichoso le preparará a cada alma algo especial. 3 hermanos, una princesa, una doncella y una asesina........ Una guerra los unirá en una loca aventura para poder estar juntos y con la persona que aman. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ →Esta historia no me pertenece ni lo...

  • Las 3 sombras de butch + 18
    2.4K 310 16

    Sombras 1- tierno, adorable cariñoso 2- mujeriego y pervertido 3- posesivo, agresivo bellota es la nueva secretaria de bardo el subjefe pero a butch le llamara la atención a bellota 7u7 Bellota podrá con el ? Vamos leele se q quieres 7u7

  • Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys||Oneshots
    43.8K 872 60

    There are different one shots between the powerpuffs and the rowdyruffs. Says it in the title.

  • Soul Eaters (buttercup x butch)
    6.6K 247 14

    Buttercup and butch have been dating for 7 years. Same as blossom and brick and bubble and boomer. Buttercup and butch are soul eaters . (The most deadly monsters) blossom and brick are vampires and bubbles and boomer are mummies. One day butch breaks up with buttercup and hooks up with a human. A soul eaters worst en...

  • Ppgz y Rrbz lemon
    15.2K 331 5

    una historia interesante talvez de las Ppgz y los Rrbz solo hay que cuidarse

  • Ppgz X Rrbz Lemon
    12.3K 335 6

    Es la primero bes que escribo una histiria de ellos espero que les guste