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  • Illuminated- The Ray that glorified the Eve
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    He came in her life as a Ray that enlightened her soul. She became the Eve that engulfed his fears. #Illuminated #Sugandh 280 #Happy reading😊

  • The One Who Grounds Me (Book 1) (EDITING) (Completed) √
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    Cover done by @russiangem Second place in the Frozen awards! Start: 17 October 2018 End: 1 January 2019 Small Town Tiana Evans moved to the big bad city of New York a year ago after the betrayal of her ex boyfriend. After that horrible day she promised herself that she was done with dating. Until she met Tristan Osari...

    Completed   Mature
  • Home alone (Kagamine Rin and Len)
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    Rin and Len are left home alone, Rin is injured because she was almost hit by a car. But Len saves her and packs her home. What will play out in this story of romance?

  • 30 Days Vocaloid Challenge
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    I except the 30 Day Vocaloid Challenge! I shall post my replies to each challenge question in this story and publish one every day for the next 30 days!

  • Kagamine Len and Rin Songs
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    These are lyrics from my favorite Len and Rin songs. DISLAMER These lyrics are not mine. I just plucked them from the Internet. Credits to the rightful owner.

  • [COMPLETE] Vocaloid Music (Lyrics)
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    Are you a fan of Vocaloid, or are you interested in it? Do you like Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len and Rin and so many other Vocaloid singers? If you do, have you heard the magnificent music called Vocaloid? Here in this book I will be posting all my favorite Vocaloid songs by many famous Vocaloid singers along with their...

  • Everything's Alright - A Rin and Len Fanfiction
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    "I don't know how you did it, but somehow, you were always by my side. Even if that meant harming yourself, you went through thick and thin just to protect me. Out of all the people in the universe, it was why did you do it?" As life conflicts with her soul, Kyone Rin experiences the taste of public school for...