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  • Author Games: Red Room
    6K 677 72

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    Completed   Mature
  • Author Games: Breath of Life
    10.5K 929 80

    Fresh blood is so overrated

  • Author Games: Empty Night
    6.6K 403 79

    Human or Other? Politics among the various supernatural denizens of Chicago is a messy affair at best; between attending to intra-faction power plays, territorial squabbles, and (most importantly) concealing their very existence from the humans upon whom they feed. On a good day, the state of affairs is volatile. Thi...

  • The Fourth Annual Writer Games: Canon
    9.1K 522 86

    Welcome to the 51st Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor. After the stunning display of creativity, brutality, and arrogance of last year's Quarter Quell, the Capitol has its work cut out for it. --- It's time to revive some good, old-fashioned, canonically-based Writer Games.

  • Author Games: Broken Crowns
    14.9K 1.3K 106

    ❝I'll never wear your broken crown.❞ Of silver kings and bronze queens, of wrought-iron princes and quartz princesses, there comes a downfall of the monarchy, where the next in-line questions the grace of power, of controlling the behaviors of others, and every heir refuses to be the chosen one. They will sit upon t...

  • Author Games: Ascend
    9.3K 1.1K 77

    Nothing else known to the citizens of Panem can quite align with the horrors one can face within these arenas. Each year it changes, each year it's something new, and the Capitol can't get enough. Thousands of tributes have fallen before today, and maybe thousands yet are to follow. But who can resist the smallest cha...

  • Author Games: A Prince's War
    8.9K 713 83

    When you kill a king, what remains? A kingdom in chaos and a prince unprepared to rule. When you kill a queen, what remains? A new enemy lurking just across the sea, growing closer with every breath.

  • Author Games: Febris
    5.8K 561 70

    Fever is coming. Fever is in your world. In your countries. In your cities. In your neighborhoods. In your hospitals, in your homes. Fever is here. And it is taking to a new host every second, with every sniff of humanity and every lunge to destroy the very scent it detects. It travels with every breath, every touch...