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  • 1985
    484 8 17

    It's like.. totally choice! Mature Content; Some depictions of Violence and Explicit content. Trigger warnings will be posted.

  • Nexus [COMPLETE]
    123K 10.6K 56

    Everyone knows Area 51 is where the government keeps the aliens, right? WRONG. When Winston DeBrock steps out of Marine Corps boot camp and into the military's "PLUTO" program at the infamous base, he's definitely thinking he'll get to meet some aliens or at least see some experimental military tech. But then he learn...

    Completed   Mature
  • pandemonium
    66 14 3

    a troublesome demon and a teenage ghost wreck havoc in the underworld in pursuit of the deadly soul snatcher.

  • Red Petals (Open Novella Contest Entry)
    118 23 6

    It used to be tradition, to tell the children stories of the gods that lived down in the river. It had been generations since those stories had even closely resembled the truth, but they lingered, until finally they were no longer told at all. Kenzie was never told these stories, so he has his own concerns when his y...

  • inhabit the stars
    187 15 7

    The stars sent her to them and said this is your place of belonging. © nepenthi 2018

  • Wallflower
    114 5 6

    Some people are so deep that when you fall into them, you never stop falling.

  • The Stages of Us
    10.1K 544 12

    As Leo Alvarez's grades begin to slip, so does his facade as the school's golden boy. Much to his surprise, he ends up finding solace in the last place he'd expect, in his tutor― Maya Chopra.

  • Late Rent
    466 91 5

    COVER BY: @SPDERVERSE An aspiring writer, William, finds himself in a financial crisis and advertises for a new roommate to help with the pressure. However, the arrival of new roommate, Ozzie, comes with a whole new set of ludicrous problems. Perhaps, this is the sort of hectic, outrageous story William desperately ne...

  • tragics
    756 89 10

    Last night, Liam Waters, golden boy of Rennwood, heir to the Waters fortune, committed suicide. Or did he? [extended summary inside] winner second place, youngblood awards 2018 winner third place, mystic awards 2018 © 2018 isla, @nymphetriot / all rights reserved

  • he walks in beauty ➳ lgbtq
    266 15 2

    three months. two boys. one summer. zero rules. [ON HIATUS]

  • on the other side.
    93 10 7

    "just because it was destined doesn't mean it was forced. learn to trust, darling." - fate was always there. no matter how much you hated it. it was a force powerful than anyone could know. fate led our lives, it brought us together. fate painted shapes on our wrists, pairing us with someone in the world. fate, no m...

  • Stoic
    4.1K 497 7

    ... ˹ His sanity was slowly slipping away, then he met her. ... She was happy to finally be present, to be really there, and she couldn't wait till she actually lived. He though, was a mess. A beautiful, impure, horribly tainted mess. His beautifully hard and unsurprisingly emot...

  • Feelings Mutual?
    892 79 7

    {COMPLETED} A hot guy like a plus size girl that gets bullied. But she doesn't trust him by her hurtful past caused by bully Brittany.

  • Addicted To Him
    257 45 8

    {he was the storm and she was his rainbow} Imagine moving to a new school for your last year of high school. Even better, imagine moving to a completely different country. Phoenix never thought that she would find someone who was as stubborn, grumpy, rude, and as introverted as her. Yet, she's facing her senior yea...

  • Dear Blue
    43 5 5

    "Make me feel human, won't you?"

  • Lurking
    680 79 2

    Since the moment Rose Cooper first stepped into her new house, she knew something wasn't right. Where ever she went, there was someone watching her, lurking in the shadows.

  • The L-Word
    125 22 4

    Love is selfless. Love is beautiful. Love is suffering. Love is hopeless. Love is hard. Love is endless. Love is life. Truthful story about some innocent teenager finding out was "love" really means.

  • Adrenaline
    21 6 6

    He tried to find somewhere to hide, although he was sure that he was compromised. They are tipping every box over. ∆∆∆∆∆ A short story in which teenager, Logan makes a bad decision on his walk home from school, creating an encounter he will never forget.

  • Dragged Back From Hell
    1.7K 509 10

    Highest Ranks: #1 in Stolen #2 in Miserable #93 in Mysterious To make it simple, Violet's life was hell. Her mentally unhealthy 'mother' was cruel. Her mind was so warped that she thought the hurt she caused Violet was helping her. Making her stronger. Violet thought that this would be her life forever, that every da...

  • Birdy
    89 24 3

    In a world where eye color determines every individual's power, Cayden knows his is considered lethal. Deemed a threat to society, he has been sheltered from the outside world since he was born. Now forced to leave his home, he must figure out a world he has never been a part of while also running for his life, with a...

  • The Girl with Cherry Earrings | ✔
    3.8K 471 45

    [COMPLETED] She was the girl that no one knew the name of, but everyone treated like a long lost friend. She was the girl that sat on the highest ramp of the abandoned skate park every night, waiting for a wish. She was the girl whose smiles could light up a room, and cries could render the world colorless. She was th...

  • The Absolution of Atticus | ✓
    12.6K 852 25

    Grace makes coffee and uproots the patriarchy. It would seem that lately she has encountered some difficulties. The semi-sober boy next door may or may not be one of them. Cooper mostly avoids confrontation. That is, unless it involves Grace. Whether it's the grace of God or the Grace of apartment 7A. In his mind, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Longing For Belonging
    63 19 7

    Jagger Barker had never had an easy life. He may have all the money he could ever need and some of the best friends a man can ask for. But he was also disowned by his own family. Slept with more girls in his 21 years then most do in two lifetimes. All his life love had only ever been tempory. Can the most unexpected p...

  • Freya
    1.4K 86 15

    The beast lurks beneath the skin of the males Craving to tame To Dominate. The need to continue the bloodline runs deep in their veins. __________________ The fierce females of the mountain tribe show no mercy. They were trained to kill. Protect. These females were trained to hone every sense, muscle, and strategy. ...

  • A Plethora of Nothing : My Thoughts
    284 11 18

    Here you will find my innermost thoughts. Maybe even a poem or two. ( Think of this as me welcoming you into my home and showing you my secret Pokémon card collection. )

  • Don't Call Me Baby
    738 34 18

    Jordy feels like she has met the love of her life and everything is almost as if taken out of a fairytale, especially after Archer Finn confronts her about his own feelings for her. The only obstacle for a beautiful relationship to bloom is the fact that Jordy has to leave for university in exactly seven days. Oh, an...