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  • Jab We Met
    302K 25.4K 72

    It'd been 5 years since that ill-fated day. Valentine's Day. Manik Malhotra, who'd reverted back to his Monster ways for the world, still had a place in his heart for his Star, his Nandini, who now had a whole new world herself. Chance encounters lead them to cross paths again. Will they finally collide? Highest Rank...

  • Manan ff-friendship n trust
    46.5K 1.9K 11

    #7 in manbir Okey guys..I thought of writing a story...of obviously our manan.. So d story starts aftr talent hunt.. Fab5 hve won d talent hunt bt dey wer lossin der friendship.... No 1 knew wt Ill happen.. Aftr wining manik though dat everything iz sorted..n iz back 2 normal bt..wn he goes 2 green room..aftr performa...

  • Manan - My fake girl friend {COMPLETED}
    1.1M 72.9K 84

    Ignore the story if you don't know hindhi Was on highest rank #2 in fanfic on 1st april Cover by @Saniya_memon Under editing.... This story is about manik and nandini. Who fell in love due to a contract of fake girlfriend. The journey of our very own manan in a new way. Where memories will be lost but still they will...

  • You Brighten Up My Life
    19.5K 1.2K 34

    Rain romance nd dance

    889K 37.6K 70

    #1 in India marriage #1 in parth #1 in Nandini #1 in south Indian #6 in fan fiction #3 in soulmates This is a story based on how a forced marriage leads to discovery of soul mates. Join me in this journey of discovering love. Stay excited and open the book to read the story with lots of twists and turns. As said " l...

  • The Unknown Fate - MaNan FF
    78.5K 7.6K 17

    You have to go through all the layers of your life to find out the unknown and untold fate of yours #28 in Teen Fanfiction ~3/1/2017~

  • MANAN FF: The Devil Who Poured Red Wine (Unedited)
    663K 5.3K 7

    Nandini Murthy who worked as a waitress to survive. Working hard day be day making just for her father who was admitted in the hospital. She sacrificed her all dreams and now nothing important to her other than her one and only family her father. Manik Malhotra the most ruthless, handsome businessman in India having a...

  • MaNan FF Arranged Shaadi ❤
    968K 52.4K 85

    Story of Manik and Nandini...And their journey of Arranged Marriage... #Telly-War Awards 2018 (nominated)

  • my mom's P.A ~ manan ff
    55.1K 3.8K 16

    A house is beautiful decorated for a wedding but the bride ran away and the groom has to marry his mother's P.A what will happen when he will get to know that he has married a stranger to find out read this story

  • Manan FF :Destined
    392K 21.4K 64

    #8 in the fanfiction (highest rank) It is such a cliché when a guy and girl meet ,they both fell in love with each other. But what will happen if destiny plays crucial part in making "us". This story is about nandini murthy who came to mumbai to fulfill her dreams accidentally meet her soulmate her love of the life...

  • Revenge Of Love : MaNan FF || ✔
    254K 24.5K 40

    What happens when the person who broke your heart years back, came back out of the blues. And then you are determined to take revenge from that guy. Will you be successful? Let's see what this revenge leads to... ~ Cover credits : @myra_1 ~ © 2017 TreasuresOfHeart

  • Manan ff : The Break Up
    175K 18.3K 26

    Relationships are not one sided.