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  • Jab We Met
    303K 25.4K 72

    It'd been 5 years since that ill-fated day. Valentine's Day. Manik Malhotra, who'd reverted back to his Monster ways for the world, still had a place in his heart for his Star, his Nandini, who now had a whole new world herself. Chance encounters lead them to cross paths again. Will they finally collide? Highest Rank...

  • Extra Marital Affair? - MaNan FF (Completed)
    398K 25.6K 29

    What Happens When You Fall In Love... But The Love Called "Extra Marital Affair" In The Society. What Will You Do? Come I Will Take You To The World Of Love, Trust, Affair, Marriage And MaNan. #22 In Fanfiction ~27/9/2016~ #20 In Fanfiction ~8/12/2016~ *Contains Just The Names, No Single Person Is Related To The Sho...

  • Manan ff His Star 🌟
    155K 8.7K 22

    Try it urself!!!!

  • Her Dreams Above His Love - MaNan FF
    109K 15.2K 19

    Copyright © 2018 MaNanlicious_Angel Doesn't every girl has the right to live their life like they want to live? But will this society appreciate it? Will our partners understand us? What if you get the perfect match for you who understands you and helps you to achieve all the dreams. But is it even possible? Peep in t...

  • Manan ff : The Break Up
    175K 18.3K 26

    Relationships are not one sided.