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  • Daddy's Here To Stay (18+) [slow updates]
    200K 3.4K 14

    Now that Noah and Harper are free to love each other without the fear of judgement and consequences life seems to get just a little bit easier. But of course every relationship has its obstacles and now that Harper is in her new internship position and getting out into the real world, those obstacles start to pop up...

  • Playing With Fire (18+) [slow updates]
    112K 3K 25

    He was the fire and I didn't care if he burned me. In fact, I wanted him to burn me more than I had wanted anything in my entire life. !not a vampire or werewolf story¡

  • Falling For The Playboy's Game
    5.9M 355K 52

    Kate hates playboys intensely. 
Her dad was a playboy with a string of mistresses who left her mom when she was five. Her bestfriend got jilted by her playboy boyfriend after he was busted hooking up with different girls. Her favorite celebrity couple broke up due to the same reason... and she herself experienced bein...

  • King's Wife
    12.9M 308K 36

    10M+reads! #1 in both Romance and General Fiction Hotlist (Highest Rank)! Find out what the fuss is all about! Meet Mia - Brilliant, but dorky, she wants a divorce from her "in-name-only" husband so she can get on with her life. Meet Damian - He was once popular and successful, but now he's fallen from everyone's gra...

  • My Unfaithful Bodyguard
    180K 6.8K 78

    "Wh-why did you stop the elevator?",I asked. He turned on his feet to face me again. "You were saying?" He asked completely ignoring my question. He took another step forward and I stepped back again and I bumped my back on the wall as I felt the cold mirror on my skin. "That you like him." He said. "I-I don- -", I...

  • Unexpected Love - a student/teacher romance
    1.7M 29.2K 40

    Falling in love was never meant to be easy. Falling in love with your neighbour seemed too good to be true. Falling in love with your teacher is completely wrong and should never happen. But all these things did. Falling in love doesn't always end with happily ever after. Can two people with secrets, a jealous ex, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Undercover Heir
    2.4M 82.7K 67

    When a hopeless playboy, Chad James Carter was busted by his father, his life turned upside down. After his father had found out that he was spending his time with different girls partying instead of studying, he gave Chad a punishment. Chad should pay him back the money he had used while pretending studying. But in o...

  • Sudden Exposure | ✓
    2M 57.4K 48

    COMPLETED Book 1 of The Millionaires Series Growing up as the daughter of Harold Bishop, one of the most powerful CEOs in the United States, has always been a burden to Natasha. Having to live up to the standards of high-society living is something that she has never gotten used to. Forced to distance herself from h...

  • Restricted Chapters | ✓
    98.2K 992 3

    The restricted portion of the chapters from Sudden Exposure.

    Completed   Mature
  • Tangled Love
    2M 60.6K 43

    Aspen Anderson, the heir of Anderson Enterprises Holdings Inc., had everything he wanted in just a snap of his fingers, including women. However, he just wanted her, Carolina, despite the fact she was a married woman and fourteen years older than him. He couldn't get her or their passionate moments out of his mind. Se...

  • My Bestfriend's Daughter
    1.6M 31.5K 59

    "This is so wrong," I shake my head. "Please, I need this," she squirms under me, "you need this." I bite my lip, "I watched you grow up..." I think of her calling me her uncle when she was a child. "Please Charlie," she moans, "I want this so bad." ---------- If you don't like the raunchy/kinky stuff, don't read...

  • My Baby Girl (Explicit Scenes 18+) - Editing
    14M 243K 74

    WARNING: This is a crazy book guys so just a heads up! This book is not for young audiences! The character in the book says Daddy a lot so just saying. Plus you guys will get triggered a lot😂 hating and loving at the same time. 30 year old Jason Mours has everything he needs, a big mansion, fame and fortune. He eve...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Letters and Literature
    1.6M 57.8K 49

    Sophia Lane is the queen of oversized sweaters and perfectly brewed cups of coffee. She's beautiful and delicate and so painfully misunderstood, but her innocent stare holds a savory secret. She's unforgivably and irrevocably in love with her European Literature Professor. ...

  • Nothing Like A perfect Moment ✅
    151K 3.6K 7

    A Sequel to The Secret Babies. Just when Lawrence Earl Williams decided to settle down with whom he presumed to be the love of his life, a drunken mistake was revealed and everything came crashing down.

  • The Billionaire's Stepsister [18+] ✓
    16.1M 409K 44

    『 18+ Only, Mature Content 』 ❝Reid...we shouldn't be doing this.❞ I moaned, my mind slowly loosing all the little common sense I had left, forgetting all my morals. ❝I know.❞ He agreed, his voice sending a shiver down my spine, those two dreadful words escaping his lips did nothing for him to move away from me inste...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound To The Mafia King
    1.3M 40.5K 59

    Annabelle is your average 23 year old. Out of school with so many plans to travel the world and fall in love...until she meets Vincent The King of the underground mafia. What happens when she crosses paths with the notoriously ruthless Vincent and learns about the agreement between her father and the mafia King will s...

    Completed   Mature
  • True Love's Kiss (Short Story)
    407K 24.9K 11

    True Love's Kiss is a magical love story of Tyler and Angel. Tyler and Angel were teenagers when they fell madly in love with each other. They thought they found true love. They promised to love and cherish each other till death do they part. But promises are made to be broken. An unpleasant event made their love tu...

  • MalColM's WiFe❤✔️
    528K 20.7K 42

    Never did She know her life was about to turn for the worse when she woke up one morning and was greeted with a Divorce paper from her beloved husband. from that moment Rose knew her life will never be thesame again. will she ever find her broken heart and fix it back again , or it will remain forever broken ? find ou...

  • Secret Of Ours
    435K 13.1K 34

    When Lydia visits her hometown for the weekend, she meets one of her Fathers friends. After a night of drinking they share a heated moment together that they agree to keep a secret. But after the weekend is gone will it stay a one time secret or will it turn into a lot more than they bargained for? Please Note!! This...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Playboy's Girl
    3.2M 89.2K 29

    Chase Ashton Knight is the heir of Knight Corporation. He is a serious businessman as well as a famous playboy. He is a handsome, arrogant, stubborn, and intelligent man. Chase met many women. But he couldn't forget the only girl that caught his attention. This girl was a childhood friend. Aria Collins is a beautiful...

  • The Bet for Love
    3M 88.8K 52

    Blaze Anderson was a spoiled, handsome, intelligent and carefree person. The life for him was just a game. And he was always a winner in this game. His whole world was turned upside down when he met Ashley Parker. The most beautiful, stubborn and innocent girl who he had ever seen. But when Blaze made a bet on Ashley...

  • Third Wheel | EDITING
    2.2M 64.8K 53

    Meet Lana. A professional third wheel at her finest. You would think being the school's power couple third wheel has its perks. But really, she's just faced with a shit ton of making out everyday. Her loud, feisty attitude gives off a too crazy first impression for what you would assume would be a quiet camera chi...

  • His, Hers, Ours { werewolf edition}
    169K 5.4K 50

    Here is the Alternative universe story of His, Hers, Ours! #werewolf Hope you enjoy it! Please check out the Mortimer series and my other books! love you loads!! ------ Everleigh's POV------- "She's mine! You lost her the minute you laid a hand on her!" I stood there in shock. I couldn't believe I'm listening to that...

  • The Nanny
    1M 34K 35

    For a twenty-four-year-old living in a crummy apartment in New York City, Natalie Olson's life wasn't very exciting. Except for the months she spent wasting her time dating her big-time boss, who broke her heart when she discovered he was married. If it weren't for the handsome man and his daughter that she ran into o...

  • I'm falling for my Ex Fiancé - (BOOK 2)
    1.5M 42.4K 53

    "Lana i want you to be on my wedding day, there's no excuse I don't want to hear it anymore. You graduated from med school a few months ago and i know you're running out of you excuses stocks" she said as i smile. "I'll be back sooner than you think, and i promise I'm going to be there Diana" i said while staring into...

  • All Yours {CULLEN #1}✔
    774K 31.5K 68

    [COMPLETED][UNEDITED] The moment Isabella laid her eyes on Alex while walking down the aisle she whispered, "Zachary!" But Zachary left her ten years ago without any notice. She carried his child for nine months and raised him with good values. Alex, who was standing at the altar was lost in his own thoughts. He didn'...

  • Caleb & The Spitfire
    342K 19.6K 27

    Tiffany is 26, she left L.A. during her husbands work party after secretly signing annulment papers with her attorney earlier in the day, instructing her attorney to deliver them the very next day. She didn't know where she was heading just wanted to be far away from the L.A lifestyle, and her abusive husband that she...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Girl✔️
    1.1M 34.3K 32

    ~When Eva Taylor joins a new high school after shifting to New York with her sister, Hailey, she meets a billionaire's son, Max Ward. She knows she should run away from him when his darkest secrets are unraveled, but how could she when he won't let her go? ~ ••• I have the best readers ever!! "Shook. Kids saw it comin...

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy's Little Sister ✔ (editing)
    14.8M 500K 57

    Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction (21/Sept/2016) ♡ Completed (30/Aug/2016) ♡ Catherine is a teenager who has recently lost her parents in a car accident. Her life is mostly about high school, work and taking care of her little brothers. Having her best friend by her side makes her think that maybe life isn't treating h...

  • The Bad Boy's Kid | completed
    396K 10.9K 27

    People say sex is for people who are in a loving relationship, but you can't help it if you're intoxicated. Cassie Matthews has a one night stand with the bad boy of her school, Jacob Hays. She doesn't tell him she got pregnant by him as she never thought she would see him again. Three years down the line, he shows up...