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  • FRIENDS //Bfdi Coinpin
    4.8K 94 3

    Coiny is deeply in love with Pin, the talk under the basket just made his feelings grow even more, a month later, Coiny gathers his feelings and goes to confess his love, but Pin is already with someone else and is happy. Coiny has to suck it up and be happy for his best friend, but can he survive holding in his feeli...

  • Just a Little Loser | A Loser X Cake Fanfic | [CANCELLED]
    6.3K 137 9

    Cake and his big sister Pie have opened up their new bake shop! The shop is starting off great, soon making it a go-to place in their city! A celebrity comes to town and everything else is history... [CANCELLED DUE TO MY LACK OF INTEREST IN BFB AND MY INABILITY TO FINISH IT]

  • Learning To Love It - Fantube
    4.7K 130 5

    Fan and Test Tube meet in an awesome place, and they hit it off right away. They get along pretty well, and it's clear there's something there. But the problem is, they don't understand the other's core parts of their personality- their stereotypes! Can they work through the problems and find love in all the messiness...

  • Christmas Warmth (Fireafy Oneshot)
    744 28 1

    My second one-shot for you guys!

  • Object Show Characters x READER One-Shots
    30.6K 431 14

    hey there! have you been on a constant journey, searching far and wide for content featuring your favorite object show characters? well look no further! as you pass by a small, worn-down and rotting deck on the side of a cold, lonely boardwalk, a strange sailor passes by. after a brief struggle, she tosses down her...

  • In Need of Counseling (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    1.3K 58 1

    "This place could have surprises lurking around every corner, and we wouldn't even know it." When Lightbulb talks Baseball into taking a summer job as a camp counsellor, he resolves to make the best of it and maybe confess the little detail that he has feelings for her. Of course, it'll have its own set of challenges...

  • Lightbrush (Inanimate Insanity)
    13.3K 327 19

    I decided to do Lightbrush Fanfiction of Inanimate Insanity. I'm going to be making better chapters. The cover is by DimasTV from DeviantArt and of course! I don't own Inanimate insanity, it's just a fanfic.

  • The diary of my kindergarten boyfriend
    570 24 2

    While he's cleaning the attic Trophy finds a box full of diaries belonging to his husband, Fan.

  • Setting the stage- A Trophan fic
    4.1K 153 11

    Trophy is a trans 17 year old that is hated by most of the school due to an incident in 8th grade. As he puts up walls to stay on top of the social totem pole, a new student makes his life change forever. WARNING: The following story contains the following topics -Mild Violence -Dysphoria The new beautiful cover was m...

  • Fluffy sweater: A trophan fic
    564 34 1

    in a cold day Fan decides to use one of Trophy's fluffy sweaters

  • You're perfect: A tissyang fic
    1K 26 1

    Yinyang and Tissues have been dating for two months now, but recently Yingyang has been feeling self concious about his body, fortunately, his boyfriend is there to help

  • Complicated issues: A Ballooj Fic
    383 12 1

    Oj has recently been feeling weirdly around Balloon.

  • inanimate insanity texts
    9.2K 264 9

    big babies texting.

  • I'm Sorry (Knife X Mic)
    2.2K 29 1

    Knife X Mic One Shot. Ugh, I made the cheesiest cover.

  • Always Staying With You (A Humanized Knife x Mic one-shot)
    1.1K 18 1

    Sudden one-shot I came up with. All the characters are humanized. *WARNING: SUICIDE IS A HIGH TOPIC IN THIS ONE-SHOT* *IF YOU'RE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO SUICIDE, DON'T READ THIS* Otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading this. Well, first story of mine that I'm rating "Mature." Knife, Microphone, and all other characters me...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Strange Feeling
    1.3K 28 5

    Hoiii!this is about bubblexfanny story :) Btw gloomy bubble appears here Warning:Contains,idk,swearing,fighting,killing,some stuff,trigger warning,smut???idk

  • Supporting Extensions: An Stapoldy Oneshot
    349 19 1

    Stapy got phrostetic legs for his birthday, foldy helps him learn how to use them

  • {~} Object Show Oneshots {~} Discontinued
    11.3K 203 37

    Woah Most of these are very old and awful don't bully them they're old

  • Chicken Murder (Inanimate Insanity fanfic)
    495 27 1

    Every full moon Paper's chickens are attacked, Lightbulb sets out to find who is the cause of the murder and get justice. ((cross posted on AO3))

  • The Object of My Desire
    33 1 1

    Pink Drink has gotten Hanahaki disease. He spends his time reminiscing about how he got into his situation, and how he fell in love. But the clock is still ticking and with every passing hour, it gets harder to breathe. Shameless oc insert lol ((cross posted on AO3))

  • For All the Bad I've Done
    365 9 3

    [BFDI AU (takes place after BFB)] Taco is worried about how much Bell seems to dislike her, no matter how hard she tries. When Bell is said to've won dream island, she ultimately rejects Taco. And, boy, will things go down.

  • Bfdi Alternate Universes
    7.4K 145 19

    I have alot of au art. And i mean alot! So if have any rp art or anything with a creative au, or just have an idea i would like to share, i can share it here with you all! I will draw the au and give a little summery of that au. I will probably only draw tree/pen because that's just my life h

  • My drawings 1
    3.4K 138 7

    Some drawings are really old!

  • College (An Inanimate Insanity Fanfic)
    1.4K 55 6

    Humanized Inanimate Insanity fanfic! Its PayJay!

  • bfb one-shots
    37.3K 346 15

    you know the drill by now. Always taking requests!

  • Suitloon Oneshot
    879 23 1

    Oops I accidentally got obsessed with this show

  • "Seen. . ." (A Pay-Jay Fanfic) [COMPLETED]
    5.7K 214 6

    This is a collaboration with the amazing, talented @Balloon_The_Balloon! Go read all her amazing books! We hope you enjoy this! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "Hey Paper!" OJ happily said to Paper. Paper smiled back. "Hey OJ! What's up?" "Guess what Salt did today!" OJ said excitedly. He couldn't seem to take...