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  • Lightning Mystery
    18.4K 634 15

    When Jay finds a letter that was written by his birth mom to him, telling him she hid something for him to find, he sets off on a mission to find what she hid for him. Will he find what his mother hid for him and finally get answers for why she abandoned him, or will it just lead to more questions?

  • Past and Present
    12.8K 475 10

    The past comes to the future when Ray and three other elemental masters from the past somehow travel to the future. Can the ninja get the Elemental Masters back home before it messes up their future? Or will time run out?

  • Death to the Ninja
    4.5K 207 14

    A still - alive Harumi causes an "accident" in order for the Ninjago civilians to hate the ninja. This not only destroys Ninjago City, but drives Nya and Jay apart as well. One year later, Anya shows up again, and explains everything. But will the ninja act against Harumi in time, or are they as good as dead?

  • Ninjago: Red Lightning
    4.3K 164 8

    Jay was planning on proposing to Nya soon. But those plans all go downhill when Nya gets captured and taken to a new realm: the lightning realm. But the enemy wont be giving her up that easily. The tactics and fighting the enemy uses aren't like anything the ninjas have seen before. Can the ninja find the realm and sa...

  • Dr⊕ωηïηg ↡ Jay Walker
    14.9K 462 19

    Run from your demons before they grab you and pull you down into the depths of your own personal hell whether you like it or not

  • What to do now
    5.6K 183 14

    What happened to the remaining Ninja after the incident? What will they do? How will they handle it? This is after SONS OF GARMADONS SO SPOILERS FOR THAT SEASON. I DO NOT OWN NINJAGO!!!!! Art by-