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  • An One Sided Love Story
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    It is a story of a simple normal guy and girl who is in love with each other but cant express it.

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    A review is a critical evaluation. Evaluation is very important as it helps us to comprehend the good and underwhelming aspects of our work. Books of languages Hindi, English will be reviewed along with TELUGU. Get in to know more. Cover pic credit:- @vizag_forever

  • the billionaire's rose(completed)
    70.3K 2.2K 36

    a simple yet beautiful hard-working girl falls in love with simply the wrong but the right guy at the same time, jasmine white is a 24 years old woman who is living far away from her home , without family and friends , she has been working for the lee family for almost three years , building a friendship with them t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thoughts -- A Human Creativity
    2.3K 409 26

    This is not a story but a collection of thoughts on random topics. This books contain my thoughts and posters that i prepare for the other books that i read.

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    Why do some people face discrimination about their caste? Know some thoughts of a girl labelled as the one belonging to lower caste.

  • Poetry... Telugu n English...!
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    Hello everyone First of all im not the poet here... 😂😂😂 its my best friend from uni n she is too good at this 💖💖💖 So im just trying to post her work here on behalf of her!!... Hope everyone who can understand our language will enjoy it... We will be very happy if u would like to read it n appreciate her ha...

  • My Quest For Answers
    3.1K 936 70

    Cover Credits : @Sasanka54 This story is about a 23 year old Vindhya Iyer. She is a girl who has all the needed things : Happiness, Loving Family and Caring friends. She was one satisfied girl enjoying her life until one day.... She came to know that her father and one woman whom she hadn't met earlier are searching...

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    Where do you find yourself? Of all places I found myself here Where did you lose yourself? With satisfaction I've lost myself here What do you do when things go out of hand? I hide myself and the things on a paper What do you do when things fall in good place? I celebrate and capture them on a paper How can you mana...