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  • Cliche (Lams)
    239K 8.9K 39

    Alexander Hamilton moved in with Martha and George Washington and had a very hard time adapted, especially since he came from a place where abuse, torture and rape was normal to him. Alex meets his foster brother, Lafayette and his friends. One of Lafayette's friends caught Alex's eye. That one friend, Was John ...

  • Hamilton x Reader Back to their 70s
    506K 17.4K 80

    When Y/N suddenly lands in the 1770s, after being pulled into a shine inside the ocean, she meets Hercules. He and his friends help her get around. By mistake, she joins the revolution. However, when everything starts going down hill, her lust for satisfaction gets...Out of control... The cover was made by my awesome...

  • I Thought He Shot Me ¦ Hamilton Characters X Reader
    397K 13K 45

    THIS WAS ALL WRITTEN IN 2017. DON'T EXPECT IT TO BE GOOD. When (Y/n) finds a group of people from the 1700s at her front door, she doesn't know that they will change her life forever.. - Alexander Hamilton X Reader Lafayette X Reader George Washington X Reader John Laurens X Reader Aaron Burr X Reader Philip Hamilto...

  • Who Tells Your Story
    63.3K 1.4K 31

    ---ON INDEFINITE HIATUS--- The Hamilsquad is once again mysteriously teleported hundreds of years into the future this time to battle the monarchy for the all-important tile of... drumroll please... MOST POPULAR MUSICAL!!!! ...

  • The Future Of America! (A HamilSquad X Reader Fanfiction)
    48.1K 1.2K 10

    When you get a vauge and mysterious message on your phone, you do what any sensible person would. You ignore it. Well, you ignore it until you hear a thud from upstairs, that is. And that's how it all started. ***THIS STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN, SO THIS VERSION IS DISCONTINUED!! CHECK MY PROFILE FOR THE OTHER VERSION OF...

  • Why are you even here? ~ Hamilton x Reader (DISCONTINUED)
    18.3K 550 5

    *Discontinued, sorry guys. Thanks for all your support though!* It's a normal day at Y/n's home, just a normal Saturday, right? Well that's what she thought, but she was WRONG! Turns out, that's the day where a specific few founding fathers will end up on her doorstep- er- closet...?

  • Hamilton x Reader - What Have I Gotten Myself Into
    77K 1.9K 18

    When (y/n) hears a crash in the early morning, she never would have guessed to find Alexander Hamilton in her living room... in the 21st century... or the rest of the HamilSquad either. Join us to see how (y/n) copes with the adventures, drama and mysteries that entail in this book! TRIGGER WARNING: There will be a LO...

  • Dear Pen Pal (Lams)
    279K 11.2K 36

    (High school AU) "Alright class. Today we will be doing something called pen pals. You'll be writing to the students from Princeton high school." Mr Washington announced. "Pen pals? What are we? 6?" Alex thought. When Alex and John start writing to each other, everything changes for them.