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  • Raw & True
    1.2M 39.2K 63

    When tragedy strikes Marley's family, the last thing she is looking for is love-until Elijah, her nephew's teacher, shows her it's worth fighting for. ***** 26-year-old Marley Wright's world is flipped upside down when her beloved brother is admitte...

    Completed   Mature
  • My stepdad is my lover
    5.3K 110 9

    Could it be? Me in love with my stepdad ? It's wrong but feelings can't help themselves.

  • Runaway Babymama (Editing)
    309K 8.4K 33

    Book 1

    Completed   Mature
    2.7M 81.9K 54

    My name is Dream. Wanna know why? cause when i walk past a guy they think they're dreaming...but im not one to brag cause i been through so much. My real name is Dezyre Marquette Smith. Im from the streets of LA but i moved after i got my little bundle of joy. Im the babymama of a thug named Darious AKA Drizzy. He was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Us Against The World
    39K 944 21

    SEQUEL to "We Thuggin Together"

  • Just The Baby Mama(Urban)
    257K 7.2K 33

    A Teenage girl 16 years old named Nya. Looking for love will she find it or no. Stuff starts to go done hill with her life what will she do. To get her life back together will the people she so called call her friends still stick around and have her back in the end? who will things just get worse with no one to help h...

  • Trade
    1.4M 46.5K 35

    Aaron Turner had come to terms with his bisexuality at the age of fifteen. His first real relationship was with the man he'd always wanted and it was something he'd never wanted to end. But like most teenage relationships it didn't last long and they eventually went their separate still holding a soft spot for one ano...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold It Down
    634K 22.7K 33

    Domani and Dolani Johnson are growing older and so are their parents. After 15 years, the couple has finally settled down in a nice estate with their two children and money that could last them three life times. The family is rich, but the parents want to show their kids how to make their own and hold it down like the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold Me Down
    1.3M 41.9K 39

    Essence Johnson is back out into the real world as bad as ever. With her baby boy Domani and her son's father and husband, Damian by her side, she's on top. After holding her man down by taking a 2 year bid, at the age of 23, she is able to relax and finally live the care free life, while her husband holds her down th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold You Down
    2.1M 68.1K 40

    Essence Brown, 21 years old deep into the drug game along side her boyfriend of 3 years Damian "Money" Johnson. Her boyfriend is the leader of every corner and borough of the south. After his father was killed , at a young age he took over & held it down every since. Their relationship isn't the best, but when it come...

    Completed   Mature
  • Downfall. (Urban)
    129K 5K 32

    You know what your problem is, baby boy? You got shit all twisted. Started 1/11 Completed 1/28

    Completed   Mature
  • Never Expected It(Dave East) Sequel
    473K 19K 47

    Dave and Goddess are back with more drama then ever. Will they stay together or be torn apart? SEQUEL TO MORE THAN EXPECTED

    Completed   Mature
  • Unapologetically Me
    2.1M 27.2K 16

    Fatima Ward is a pre-med senior at Hampton University. Becoming a pediatric doctor is her parent's dream for her, but secretly Fatima wants to be a Fiction Writer. She finds herself fulfilling this secret passion by writing fanfics on the extremely popular online writing website, WriteNow. To keep her identity private...

  • Sideline Girl (Urban Story)
    93.7K 3K 26

    At the age of 17 Jada begins to See Boosie. Her dad whose a preacher makes her stop seeing him, due to his reputation . But after Jada grows up, now 22, she begins seeing Boosie again, only this time she's settling to be a sideline to his baby mama and his rap career. Knowing Boosie lifestyle and surroundings, its kin...

    Completed   Mature
  • But She's Darkskin: I Believe || Book 2 || Editing Soon
    72K 3.5K 24

    Everyone keeps telling her he's gone but she doesn't believe it. She states her theory over and over again to people but it's not clicking properly. Ashley has been trying to figure out where the body of her deceased baby father is located. They haven't found It but they want to pronounce him dead and she doesn't buy...

  • But She's Darkskin ||Completed || BEING EDITED
    274K 13.5K 41

    All the time you get complements but right after that you hear your skin color. Yeah, your skin is dark, but why should that matter. Every little statement that's made about you always has to have but she's darkskin. Ones beauty,personality, anything, shouldn't be jeopardized because of their skin color. Some people l...

  • The New Girl & The Thug 2
    265K 7.4K 54

    They're Back! Your Favorite Thug Characters Are Back, And With A Little More Company! I Won't Tell You Much You'll Just Have To Read, Get Ready For Surprises

    Completed   Mature
  • Can a Thug Love A Nerd?
    5.7M 119K 66

    Destiny Marie Stevens, yep that's right she's the daughter of the notorious kingpin Lloyd Stevens . Destiny isn't like most kingpin's daughter she's not a bad b*tch, she's the opposite, she's a nerd. She has no friends in school,she get bullied and is an outcast. I. know what your thinking 'Why doesn't she just tell...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teacher pet (august alsina)
    453K 13.9K 33

    Meet Adrianna Jackson, a married women who works at a highschool as a teacher. her student august come later to class a lot. what happens when she starts to tutor him and she grows an attraction towards him. ©Royalbree

  • This Ain't Love > Dave. East <
    455K 16.5K 62

    1st Book. The New Girl On The Block 2nd Book. Rotten Apple's this is the third book

  • The New Girl On The Block •Dave East•
    1.7M 59.6K 58

    Keegan just moving to New York City from California, Los Angeles. Her parents both provide her with everything. Car, clothing, jewelry. But now it's time for the eagle to fly out her parents nest and discover the world. Keegan wants to be a veterinarian. But something gets in the way of that. And that's Dave East.

  • She my Queen, He my King
    124K 3.2K 22

    Royalty has been threw hell and back, dead dad, abusive mother,no friends, no body that cares for her, and she has a older brother that doesn't live with them. Royalty can't take it no more so she goes to live with her brother, Lamar in her home town Atlanta. While she is there she meets the biggest drug lord in Atlan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Revenge Ain't Enough (August Alsina Story) (Sequel)
    70.8K 2.8K 27

    3 years after serving a prison sentence for a crime she didn't commit, Malaysia, is faced with the reality of the real world as a convicted felon. With an abandoned family and all of her friends betraying her she is faced with a new life in a new city, Atlanta. After spending his last teenage years in prison, August...

  • Baby Mama's
    41.6K 2K 21

    Sugar Mama The College Professor Read those before you read this. Dre now has responsibilities to do now. Having Simone in one ear and Ayissha in the other, While Dre is trying his best to be a good father more drama comes his way. Soon as Ayissha gets out of jail he has to deal with her. Little does he know Ayissha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sugar Mama
    98.8K 4.1K 24

    The female version of a sugar daddy, A cougar or female who'll pay for her younger love interests cars, proms, travels, jewels, etc.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Test of Loyalty (Out of My League Sequel)
    173K 5.5K 56

    Diana and Maurice are back! They have been married a year and everything isn't peaches and cream. A test of trials and former flames invades their lives. Will they be handle the test of loyalty or crumble at the first whim of potential infidelity?

  • PERSONAL {Book 1}
    355K 11K 36

    Kehlani Parrish has been through a lot. After dealing with the loss of her best friend, she doesn't think that she could ever let anyone else in. But when she gets an unexpected surprise. She'll have to learn to be open and PERSONAL.

  • Out Of My League (A Dave East and Bernice Burgos Story)
    669K 19.4K 46

    Diana Rodgers is a beautiful woman with no life outside of work. She is single and hasn't been with a man in a long time. One day she comes into contact with Maurice. A suave daddy in his own right with a large sexual appetite. Diana wants the life that consist of a husband and kids while Maurice only wants what he wa...