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  • Clown With A Name Called Golumn
    8 1 1

    A clown which suppose to be cheerful and happy but in opposite side he was angry about one thing she didn't know about, He was trying to get her attention while kidnapping other kids in her eye zone...but she knew he was after him...and what she will do when he will finally stop her from running?

  • Bring Me Back To Life - Vampire Brasidas
    25 2 3

    Vampire Brasidas is 1052 years old. Turned in 967 years.

  • You were always mine × Brahms Heelshire
    76 9 2

    - This story continues - Brahms feel emptyness when Greta left him, she promised she will never come back, but one thing bothered her most. She felt sadness while leaving Brahms all alone in his big mansion when Greta managed to come back and look after him, but things went quite stranger. Brahms always were beside he...

  • Let Me Take Care Of You - My Boyfriend's Friend -
    14 1 1

    " I promise to take care of you. " " You do? " " Yes, He doesn't have to know. " 🤲🏻 " I can't do this.. " 🤲🏻 ✋🏻 " Yes, you can. " 🙏🏻

  • Oswald Cobblepot x You Belong To Me
    14 2 4

    Long-time ago, there were Cobblepot's and Wayne's families, but one night everything suddenly changed when Bruce tried to comfort his friend Oswald, he was crying and feeling rage inside him when his mother was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, he swore he will take revenge and that day already came, but what happens when...