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    Olivia McBroom is a 18 year old girl, who has moved to Los Angeles from New Zealand to become an model, an make her YouTube more successful. what happened when she meets a boy through her new best friend?

  • Her g.d.
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    "I can't stop thinking about her." "Who?" "I don't even know her name." "The struggle is real bro." "Shut up." "Ha!" "I'm not kidding, shut the hell up!" i made this in 5th grade please don't judge😔✋

  • New Member - Grayson Dolan
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    What happens when a girl meets Emma Chamberlain in a grocery store? RANKINGS: #1 - dolantwins #1 - graysondolan #1 - ethandolan #1 - jamescharles #1 - emmachamberlain

  • roses//g.d
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    "i brought you roses." "thank you, but the roses aren't going to help." disclaimer: if you aren't comfortable with the talk of self harm, bullying, suicide, etc then you might not want to read this

  • My Secret Twin Sister//Emma Chamberlain + Dolan Twins +James Charles
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    Annabelle Laken is just another small, but slowly growing influencer... what happens when Emma Chamberlain stumbles upon one of her videos, and notices how identical the two of them look? *Find out more in the first part titled 'introduction'* --------- "We should do like a fan competition, and rig it so she wins." E...

  • assistant // anthony trujillo
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    a series of alternative universes Book one, Anthony Trujillo an Anthony Trujillo fan-fic What happens in the Team 10 house when there's a new girl? Perhaps, Jake's new assistant? Her name was Emma, Emma Fall. Twenty year old, fresh college graduate of a business course and took acting lessons back in the day. Althoug...

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    ❝oh my god, he's ethereal.❞ artjficially | 2017 | cole sprouse [COMPLETED]

  • sent ♡ cole sprouse
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    best friends. lovers. the crash. the death. nothing left. something more.

  • Narutos Sister Im Back
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    It's been ten years since Narutos twin was taken from the hidden leaf but she comes back during the 4th great Ninja war!!! And Naruko has a secret you wouldn't believe. Find out about rivals, love and action. Read and find out.

  • Naruto's Twin Sister (Sasuke Love Story)
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    What if there's finally someone who cares about Naruto? Like a friend? Or a twin sister? ----------------- Twelve years old, A demon was summoned to destroy The Leaf Village lots of people lost their lives. The Fourth Hokage lost his life by splitting and sealing The Nine-tailed Fox into, not one, but two twin babies...

  • chemistry. | SWEET PEA [1]
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    𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐲 | ❝ You can't deny we have chemistry, sweetheart. ❞ In which Reggie's know-it-all little sister is paired up with the Southside Serpents' second-in-command for a little chemistry project. EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE RIVERDALE SEASON 2 EVENTUAL SWEET PEA x OC WARNING: a fair amount of language is used in...

  • Neptune. [ Jughead Jones AU]
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    "So you mean to tell me, that your mom carried you for nine months just to name you Neptune?" "You must be forgetting that your name is Jughead." In which she texts the wrong number. [oc x Jughead] [Social Media] [Riverdale AU] [IxyNoir | © 2017]

    Completed   Mature
  • Why (Gene X Reader) (Wattys 2017)
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    Why did this have to be my life? Why did I have to meet him?

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    In which he was the king of the Twilight Drive-In and she was his Queen. [RIVERDALE, OC x JUGHEAD] [SEASON 1] [COVER BY ME] ;; i do not own riverdale or any of its plots or characters. all original plots and characters belong to me ;;

  • lola | JUGHEAD JONES ✔
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    ❝ I fall in love with you a little more everyday ❞ in which lola comes home and an old flame is rekindled. to be updated every day; set in season one beautiful cover by @cynicswereoutraged

  • Lifeline ((Jughead Jones)) 1
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    "Cynthia!" That voice caused my head to snap up and meet his desperate gaze. His eyes were pleading and terrified. Even through my tears I could read his expression from there. "Come to the shore and we'll figure this out together okay?" Veronica called again. I stood to join my sister, not taking my eyes off the dan...

  • A Night to Remember (a Logan Paul fan fiction)✔️
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    Kaylee Micheals and Logan Paul meet at a club after her friends introduce them to each other. But what happens after they sleep with each other? Will they develop feelings for each other? Or will they move on and forget about each other? Kaylee Micheals has had a rough life. Her mom disowned her and her dad died when...

  • Bughead story ~ roommates
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    Betty moves into a new apartment and her new roommates, Reggie Archie and jughead become her family - slowly her and jug fall in love.

  • I Got You || j.jones
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    The new girl in town somehow does the impossible and manages to tear down Jughead's walls within hours of meeting him. Jughead's confused, but he's bound and determined to figure out the mystery that is the black haired beauty, Savanna Marrows. // Season One of Riverdale {Book One}

  • She's Back - A Bughead Fanfiction (Sequel to She's Gone)
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    "Sometimes it hurts to love so bad"

  • Back Here | Bughead
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    ya thinking bughead lives a happy life forever? Ya wrong my friend. Welcome to the land of drama, Wattpad. "How would my life be without him? Without him as my him? I have read many books and they are all revolved around some certain characters, which our story is, but they are all based on a particular situation, som...

  • The Virgin Bet
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    "It's just an innocent bet." The Virgin Bet: Goal: Take Charlotte's virginity Time limit: 30 days Rules: 1. He cannot fall in love with her. If he does, his friends have the right to tell her about the bet 2. She must consent, he cannot force her 3. Whoever loses must pay the price stated. No backing out 4. He has to...

  • Bad Influence||Anthony Trujillo||
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    This is my boredom book I only update when bored so...that's almost everyday, bro (lol)

  • One Of A Kind - Anthony Trujillo [Rewritten]
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    Friends since their childhood. Lovers since High School. One decision tears them apart. But not for long. When Raegan returns from her tour a huge surprise awaits her at the Team 10 house.. From then on her life got turned upside down. -I promise the story is better than this -

  • Love...//Anthony Trujillo FF//Team10
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    Book #1: "Love..."

  • drunk texting + anthony trujillo
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    why do you only text me when you're drunk

  • the fat girl
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    cut the flesh until only an expanse of bones remain

  • Tour bus [Shawn Mendes]
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    Being stuck with Shawn Mendes on tour doesn't sound that bad right?

  • the one for me/ anthony Trujillo{on hold}
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    I was Bestfriends with anthony Trujillo and had a crush on him for a long time now until one day he told me he has a crush on me in middle school...what will happen in the future?

  • Home|Anthony Trujillo
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    That's all he had to say to make me feel at home...