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  • Zane x Kawaii-chan
    9.3K 132 17

    I have this here to remind me how bad at writing I was once so I can stop shitting on my writing now

  • Pink Is The New Black | Book #2
    6.2K 154 10

    Kawaii~Chan has now have to face the consequences of her deadly actions. At court Zane speaks for her and defends her which brings everyone to shock. Will Kawaii~Chan get away with her actions? Or will she face the deadly consequences?

  • Pink Is The New Black | Zane~Chan FanFic Book #1
    60.7K 1K 24

    Have you ever heard of stories with tragic beginnings and ends in happily ever after? Well today I'm going to change that. This is a Kawaii~Chan x Zane fanfiction that has a beautiful beginning and a tragic yet sad end. Enjoy~💔

  • ZaneChan VS ZaneMau
    4.8K 98 16

    Zane has to chose between two beautiful girls.. this is going to be difficult... who will he choose?

  • Aphmau mystreet gender bend (mostly zanechan book) (COMPLETED)
    4.8K 56 25

    A blooming love between Zane and Kawaii Chan.

  • ZaneChan Discontinued
    1.4K 38 12

    Aphmau and kawaii chan were hanging out as Zane came over. what will happen next?

  • Zanechan Love Story
    1.1K 71 25

    New story coming soon and better then before well maybe sorry i been busy with stuff and its hard to think of things

  • Fused: A ZaneChan Fanfiction
    3.5K 115 10

    Zane, Aphmau, and Kawaii~Chan decide to spend their Friday night binge watching Steven Universe. When Aphmau goes to her room for a moment, Zane and KC... Well... KC has something she's been wanting to tell Zane something for a while now. Little did they know what would happen. #1 In Fused: 3/29/19

  • To Find Nana - Zane~Chan
    2.3K 85 11

    Some people know who they are, know their destiny. Know what they were made for. And some don't. Some wonder their purpose in this world and don't know recognize their potential. But you'll find out soon enough right? Nana, she'll never find out. If she continues Kawaii~ Chan, she'll never find out. Nana, will soon d...

  • Zane~Chan / Zana Lemon
    6.3K 77 8

    No connection to my main book, so you're good. HOWEVER: Be warned that this contains high levels of language, explicit sexuality, and maybe some violence- I don't really know yet. I'm not going to set an age where you can read this because I know you're just gonna read it anyway, so all I can say is... be warned. (All...

  • The Light Of My Life (Zane~Chan) - Book 1
    14.1K 366 34

    I have been very interested in this ship recently, as well as story writing. I won't update often, but I'll make sure to make the most of each update.

  • Antipodes (Zane~chan) AU
    2K 99 11

    Zane world is falling apart in his home. Stumbling on a friend group for life in the process will he accept them and his pink haired crush.

  • Sweet as cupcakes //Zane~chan
    2K 66 9

    Up until now, Zane and Kawaii-chan had only been acquaintances, linked by their bond with Aphmau.But one accident is enough to fuel two raging fangirls, and who knows where it'll go from there... Note: The author of this book loves comments, so please feel free to spam me with your thoughts and suggestions

  • Zane~Chan A Magical World Of Magic
    3.6K 93 21

    Aphmau's thinks Zane is acting a bit weird lately, but when she found out he had a crush on kawaii chan she almost forgot about why Zane was so busy lately. So when she tried to get them together kawaii chan followed Zane to a place she would never thought Zane would be at all the time. What is this place. Why is kawa...

  • Unexpected Lovers {Zane~Chan}
    4.2K 121 16

    {COVER ART NOT MINE} ❝Love can come from anywhere and anyone, even if it's unexpected.❞

  • Living a Nightmare: A Zane~Chan Fanfic
    4.5K 145 15

    Zane has been having this horrible recurring nightmare. But not to long after Zane realizes everything from the dream is coming true. He had to stop it, because at the end of the night, something would ruin lives. All art belongs to the rightful owners. The characters belong to Aphmau.

  • An Uchiha's Power(A Zanechan Story)
    5.2K 170 24

    Zane has a power. Kawaii~Chan doesn't. When they start having feelings for each other, will Kawaii~Chan accept that Zane is leaving.

  • "Meant To Be" [Zane~Chan Fanfiction] ✔️COMPLETE
    21K 516 28

    They're different, but the same. There was a meifwa named 'Kawaii~Chan' She was one of the most optimistic girls you'll ever meet, But there was a secret behind it. On the other hand, There was a guy named 'Zane Ro'Meave' The complete opposite of his brother, Garroth. The golden child of the family. One day, Kawaii~Ch...

  • Cupcakes And Cute Things [A Zane~Chan Story]
    4.8K 92 24

    [In This Universe, Zane Took Over The Ro'Meave Corporation] "Well, I might as well go with KC because I'm just going to get work done anyway." The Mystreet gang had went back to Love~Love Paradise! With Aphmau and Aaron expecting a baby on the way; they needed this. Though, two of the tickets were switched; a house f...

  • Ships Happen - Zane~Chan
    62.5K 1.4K 21

    ~{COMPLETED}~ When a small baking disaster turns into something way more serious, Zane and Kawaii~Chan keep the secret of what happened that day. Aphmau and Katelyn, both, become suspicious and start making assumptions. After days go by, Zane and Kawaii~Chan actually develop some sort of feelings for each other. Their...

  • His Queen, Her King~ Zanechan
    6K 86 42

    This is a story about Kawaii~Chan and Zane~~~~ Hope use enjoy

    Completed   Mature
  • Here With Me. ♡ A ZaneChan Fanfiction ♡ (Sequel)
    2.6K 56 23

    Okay, so let me clear up a few things first: THIS IS A SEQUEL. The original book will now say, 'Prequel'. And, this story takes place from a time skip, PLEASE READ THIS SO YOU DON'T GET CONFUSED. Also, thank you guys SO much for getting my other book to over 5,000 reads! I really don't deserve them, but thank you...

  • P˟˚R˟˚E˟˚S˟˚S˟˚U˟˚R˟˚E [] zanechan1232
    3.4K 114 16

    [BOOK #2] [DISCONTINUED] [ZANE~CHAN] ((Warning: Please read Book #1, My Heart Is Yours, First)) After Hakuno left, there has been much havoc going on, Mysterious Death's, Kidnaps, And Zane. He has been acting strange, Like he knows something, Or someone..

  • The Life of Zana (Zane Chan)
    3.6K 42 12

    This Zane chan story follows Zane and Nana aka Kawaii chan but I will de calling Kawaii chan Nana cuz I can.

  • Zane~Chan One Shots
    12.4K 227 11

    This used to be A challenge but eh eh. I'll make it a Zane~Chan one shots

  • Why Do I Love Him (Zane~chan Or Zana)
    2.8K 88 17

    Kawaii~chan was at the mall Whit aphmau and Katelyn but Kawaii~chan see Zane at the cupcakes shop she have a crash on Zane what will Kawaii~chan do.

  • Nana is hiding in the bathroom
    5.6K 210 11


  • I'm Here For You ( A Zane~Chan Story)
    37.2K 805 29

    When Aphmau and the rest of the gang return from the lodge, they have a lot of things to deal with. They all have that burden that they have to bottle up inside. Garroth is there to help Zane but there's someone else is also there to help him. Someone that is there for him. Cover by me and all characters belong to A...

  • A perfect love. A Zane~chan/Zana fan fiction
    1.7K 43 17

    My first Zane~chan/Zana fanfic Im sorry for little spelling mistake. If your wondering I put my ships in this book so if you did not see it coming my ships are maybe not yours ... sorry again Zane and kc are dating. Here is the plot...... ( for this story season six does not happen) Garroth is now a were-wolf and is...