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  • easy love | g.d
    195K 3.8K 37

    Third book of the series :) 1st book - Bestfriend // GD 2nd book - Never Again // GD 3rd Book - Easy Love // GD ( this book ) *** When Anna and her friends fly to Orlando, Florida for a YouTube event, they're excited. They never thought they'd make it this far, and they're happy to be spending every minute of it toget...

  • imessage ; grayson dolan
    1.4M 29.9K 43

    unknown: babygirl I miss you sky: you got the wrong number in which a famous youtuber accidentally imessages a random girl

  • mute e.d
    607K 19.8K 26

    "is Ethan really shy or something? I've tried to talk to him all day and he just ignores me" "actually he's mute" - // my original idea please don't steal the plot :) - highest ranking: #139 in fanfiction #25 in dolantwins #22 in ethandolan #1 in edolan - If people continue to steal my plot I will have a freak out so...

  • can't get enough ~•~ e.d.
    258K 5.2K 37

    "I'm Ethan. Ethan Dolan" "Melissa Johnson" Melissa Johnson just moved from Cali to New Jersey. She's starting a new life with her family. She's never had a boyfriend never the less a first kiss. Will that change when she starts at her new school?? Read to find out Second book-Always and Forever (Ethan Dolan) Third boo...

  • never again | g.d
    274K 4.9K 33

    Sequel to Bestfriend // GD by xxjessthefangirlxx❣ ***** Anna hasn't exactly found her new life in Florida, and when she's expecting a visit from her bestfriends, it changes everything. Grayson makes her doubt if moving was really worth it? Is love more important? She thought nothing could change her mind, but when he...

  • The Missing Dolan Girl | Dolan twin Fanfiction|
    100K 2.9K 23

    12-16-1999. You may see this date and and think of the Dolan twins birthday, but when Avery Belle see's this date she is constantly reminded of the tragedy she was apart of on that day. On December Sixteenth during the year of nineteen ninety nine a woman named Anne Fronts, who was having trouble conceiving a child...

  • The Viners Next Door e.d & g.d
    103K 2.3K 34

    Amber has never been one to stay in one place for long. Constantly moving she knew how schools were, but she has never meant a guy quiet like Ethan Dolan. They fall in love in seconds without knowing more than ten things about each other. They have fights and breakups, but usually find a way to make it work, but after...

  • Breaking Point ~ e.d + g.d
    342K 6.4K 16

    Tara King has known the Dolan twins practically her whole life. Her and Ethan are inseparable until a forbidden something or someone comes along. Tara has to make a choice. Love or friendship? Could the friendship ever turn into love or will she be stuck in the friend zone forever? Just the mere thought of it all send...

  • always and forever ~•~ e.d.
    98K 2.4K 32

    Mel and Ethan finally graduate college and move in together! What happens when life throws them a bump in the road or better said a bun in the oven ;) HOW WILL THEY MANAGE READ!!! First book-Can't Get Enough(Ethan Dolan) Second book-Always and Forever(Ethan Dolan) Third book-After Ever After(Ethan Dolan) •cover by @Ja...

  • Truth
    18.1K 340 25

    Alexis Scott....A girl who was bullied and lied to her whole life, a girl who thought her parent was really her birth parents, a girl who found out that she was half human-half animal. A girl who found the love of her life, girl who also needs some answer about her life and who she really is. But will she find the t...

  • Broken•Ethan Dolan
    69.5K 1.9K 39

    Senior student. Gabriella Hadley was broken and torn apart. Until she meets a guy who she thought could put her back together. Maybe, Maybe not. Read to find out. :(:

  • CHANGE// Dolan Twins
    167K 3.3K 61

    Alexis Scott, a girl that gets name calling, beat on, bullied, A girl who gets save a boy that's desires to her love and give her his love and happiness. But then something happens to her. Would she every forgive what happen to her? Or not? Read to find out. Completed

    Completed   Mature
  • blocked (texts sequel)
    46.2K 1K 11

    "but i love you." "no, you like the idea of loving me." sequel to texts g.d

  • Until We Meet Again: Dolan Twins Fanfic
    144K 4.2K 18

    Savannah, Ethan & Grayson were all friends as children. Actually, they were best friends. They did everything together. Before Savannah enters the first grade, her father is transferred to Texas for his job. Reluctantly, the family moves from NJ to Texas, separating them. Will they meet up again? Read to find out ;)

  • Loving So Hard {Ethan Dolan}
    751K 14.6K 59

    Maria wasn't the popular girl in school she was always the smart geek at any subject. While Ethan and his brother Grayson were the popular guys at school that every girl had a crush on. When Maria and Ethan run into each other will things change? will she have feelings? does Ethan care? is personality the key in the...

  • grow up | g.d
    129K 2.8K 40

    4th book of the series. ******* 15 years later, they're still going. Most of them with children or happily married, but they are closer than ever. Anna and Grayson have two children, one who is currently learning how to deal with many things at once, including boys. When they resort to their annual camping trip with a...

  • texts g.d
    917K 21.8K 85

    "why don't you have a boyfriend?" "i don't know, i guess there's nobody that thinks i'm good enough." "i think you're good enough"

    Completed   Mature
  • bestfriend | g.d
    568K 9.3K 40

    17 year old Anna is in her final year of school, and it's her hell. At least she has her best friends, Ethan and Grayson Dolan to help her through it! With her modelling and dance career kicking off, she has no time for school. When she starts to catch feelings for one of her best friends, she doesn't know what to d...

  • Behind These Brown Eyes (Grayson Dolan)
    437K 8.8K 34

    Grayson and Gazelle have been best friends ever since kindergarten. It all started during 6th grade when Gazelle dicovered feelings for Grayson but never told him but what happens once they get older things change? What happens when Grayson falls for a girl? Will it be her or someone else? Find out

  • Football Baby: An Ethan Dolan Fanfic
    820K 20.7K 52

    Alex was starting her freshmen year in high school and there was only one thing she was looking forward too. Football. Will she make the team? Will she meet someone special? Read along;)

    266K 7K 66

    Now that Maria has decided to stay in New Jersey, also happens to be in a relationship with Grayson but will things go wrong? Will her and Ethan possibly get back together and start a family? Will Grayson Re-enter her life? is it Mathan or Mason for life? Find Out

  • The Viner I Gave Up || Ethan Dolan (Viners Next Door Sequel)
    7.7K 255 6

    "She left him behind, not strong enough to put put up the fight love requires. He was left behind because he fought so hard she hurt her in the impact. They weren't ready to love each other. To young, to unprepared. " (Sequel to The Viners Next Door)