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  • In love with one of the pals (COMPLETED)(Editing)
    695 32 25

    Your a 20 year old girl named Y/N that falls in love with one of the pals who can it be Warning there might be some cussing in this and bad grammar I can't spell 😅😆

    Completed   Mature
  • Clueless | sketchXreader ❤️
    18.7K 444 18

    After four long years and graduating highschool, you join with your bestfriend, Sub. You two unfortunately drop out of college but, to go on a journey to peruse the dream of a youtube career. Luckily Sub is a member in a collaborative channel called The Pals. You are soon joined to live out your dream of a youtuber, y...

  • "Forever" (Sketch x Reader) *Completed*
    2.9K 73 27

    Your a Youtuber and go on tour with you old buddy DenisDaily. You meet his other friend Elijah Best. Will you and Elijah make it onto the love train. If you do will that train go on forever or will you get off at the next stop?

    Completed   Mature