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  • I Loved You First | #ToAllTheBoysContest ✓
    11.9K 560 3

    In which a brokenhearted teen writes a love letter to the boy who can never love him back.

  • Are You There? | Dialogue Story ✓
    640K 47.3K 53

    "Hello? Are you there?" "Hello. I'm here." "Is this Hotline for Life? I-I think I'm going to kill myself." - In which the most popular guy at Eastdale High calls the local suicide hotline searching for a reason to live, but instead, falls for the school's biggest nerd.

  • Mr. Insecure ✓
    1.3M 82.5K 57

    Avery Manning is insecure about a lot of things: his weight, his sexuality, his social ranking, and most of all, the fact that he's in love with his brother's best friend, who also happens to be straight, and a very vocal homophobe.

  • Catfish ✓
    986K 52.3K 61

    It's been four years since Matthew met Karley on an online chat room. Now, he's completely in love with her. But when Matt tells Karley he wants to meet her in person, she tells him that she isn't who she said she was. And she knows him--IN REAL LIFE. Now, Matt has one question on his mind: WHO THE HELL IS KARLEY DAVI...

  • The Epic Gayme ✓
    448K 22.9K 37

    When 17-year old Adam confesses his sexuality to his three best male friends, his world changes. Between the sexy neighborhood barber, his doubtful best friend and the cracks in his family, Adam begins to reassess his life. And soon, it becomes less about surviving his sexuality, and more about accepting himself. Disc...