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    915K 36.7K 111

    The vampire hunter V and his partner Suga drive like every other weekend to a nightclub. But this time is not going to be like usually. ⚣ Vkook: ⬆Jungkook ⬇Taehyung Yoonmin: ⬆Yoongi ⬇️ Jimin Namjin: ⬆Namjoon ⬇Jin J-Rape|Rope|Hovi|whatever... ⬆Ravi ⬇Hoseok Edit: I wrote this when I was really young and obviously it's...

    Completed   Mature
  • ɓα∂ ɓσყ ᵏᵒᵒᵏᵛ [✔]
    1M 53.2K 98

    "You shouldn't mess up with Jeon Jeongguk!" In which the innocent boy Kim Taehyung slowly falls in love with the dangerous, cold-hearted bad boy Jeon Jeongguk, who is haunted by his dark past. •─────✧─────• Top: Jeongguk Bottom: Taehyung •─────✧─────• My idea, so don't copy in any way! Pictures are from the internet. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Will you catch me if I fall?
    38.9K 4.4K 11

    Falling in love is beyond my control. So,catch me before I fall too hard and get hurt.

  • Love is......❤
    126K 12.8K 18

    Sometimes,love isn't always rainbow and butterflies

    Completed   Mature
  • Way Back Home
    34.5K 2.9K 8

    The story of two hurt and broken boys find home in each other arms.... ended being each other's strength to keep living...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind Every Mask
    130K 11.4K 20

    Love has a powerful way of removing the mask that we all insist on wearing.

  • Sugar (A Taekook/Vkook Love Story)
    790K 31K 30

    Jeon Jungkook, billionaire extraordinaire, never knew he had thing for deep-voiced angels with boxy smiles. He especially didn't know he had a thing for babying the so called angel who attracted trouble like a magnet. (AU where Jungkook is insanely rich and Taehyung is a "poor," genius art student) *STORY IS COMPLETE...

  • Ready To Date On you
    19.4K 2.4K 7


  • Full House(completed)
    252K 18.3K 27

    Zawgyi& unicode Vkook Started Aug18 2017 Ended June28 2018

  • Dark Side◾Jjk × Kth
    5.8K 511 2

    " They caught me for many reasons, are you sure you want to save me ?" (This is not english ) #Snowy

  • From Cam to Fuckboy | KookV
    238K 11.9K 38

    Kim Taehyung found a camboy that he likes, turns out it wasn't what he expected. - [Complete] Special Thanks to : @litatata1233 Special Thanks to : @alphagguk Top!Jungkook Bottom!Taehyung Started : 23rd September 2018 Ended : 9th March 2019 #1 Camboy | 19/03/2019 #5 Kooktae | 19/03/2019 #13 Vkook | 19/03/2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Doll❀◕
    182K 18K 25

    မ်က္​ဝန္​း​ေတြဟာ ကိုယ္​့ျမတ္​ႏိုးရာ... ပါး မို႔မို႔​ေလးဟာ ကိုယ္​့ႏွစ္​သက္​ရာ... ​ႏႈတ္​ခမ္​း​ေလးဟာ ကိုယ္​့အနမ္​းဦးတည္​ရာ... ရယ္​သံလြင္​့လြင္​့​ေလးဟာ ကိုယ္​့ရင္​ခုန္​ႏႈန္​းျဖစ္​တည္​ရာ...

    4.2K 488 2

    ➤ All story start with His ( Kim Taehyung ) Beauty ➤ / Vkook Fanfiction /

  • Our Omega Leadernim [Webtoon Myanmar Translation]
    1.1M 90.7K 109

    This Webtoon is visual similarity between the characters with BTS Members Original creator - Felicia Haung Paring - Choi Jinsoo (V) × Seung Gyo (Jungkook) * FULL STOTY CREDIT TO ORIGINAL CREATOR - FELICIA HAUNG * ( THIS WEBTOON IS NOT MINE ) 📍 #1 🥇 in webtoon

  • 7 lives {Horror AU} (Completed)
    6.5K 485 8

    Jungkook is not only Taehyung's boyfriend, but murderer as well. Love is not always perfect. A short horror fiction.

  • tαєkσσk ιмαgιиєѕ
    89.5K 6.4K 38

    Ǹ✿ ✿Ǹ㉫ උAǸ r㉫pしAඋ㉫ ƴ✿µ 💜.

  • crush; kv [✔]
    499K 27.7K 54

    ever had a crush which never goes? that was what taehyung was to jeongguk. [lower case intended] x•no plagiarism•x top! gguk bott! tae started: 17/11/2018 ended: 17/05/2019

  • oneshots; kv
    377K 9.9K 39

    a compilation of vkook one-shots. requests are open! switch! vkook!

  • kiss and makeup; kv [✔]
    78.3K 3.9K 9

    where jeongguk and taehyung just want to kiss and makeup. Δkook ∇tae started: 15/11/2018 ended: 15/11/2018

  • memories; bts [✔]
    11.7K 553 8

    I wish we could've made memories by ourselves. - Kim Taehyung. started: 24/04/2018 ended: 24/04/2018

  • forgotten; vmk [✔]
    60.4K 2.7K 15

    Taehyung and Jungkook are dating. Taehyung goes into coma after an accident. Jimin is Taehyung's ex-boyfriend. What happens when Taehyung thinks that Jimin is still his boyfriend, after waking up from the coma? started: 05/05/2018 ended: 07/02/2019

  • taekook
    191K 8.9K 31

    Taekook Memes, Photos, and short imagines. ΔTop KookΔ ΔBottom TaeΔ