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  • Side Effect | Harrison Osterfield [University AU]
    5.7K 171 11

    He's a fuckboy with anger issues who couldn't care less about anything. You're a try-hard perfectionist who cares way too much about everything. What happens when two different worlds collide and you're both forced to work together? What happens when a simple bet turns into something more than either of you bargained...

  • Go the Distance (Modern! Hercules!AU) Peter Parker X Reader
    880 19 4

    Just your average X Reader, except with a bit of a twist, Peter Parker is the mighty Hercules and the reader is the amazing Megara. Updated every Wednesday (hopefully)! I also posted this on my Tumblr and AO3, so if you see it on another website, it's probably me lmao

  • Harrison Osterfield Imagines
    18.5K 306 7

    Some cute stories for you. You can find them on my tumblr: underoossss as well!

  • Tom Holland Imagines
    34.8K 505 10

    Here's a set of Tom Holland stories and one shots for you. I originally posted them on my tumblr: underoossss. I hope you like them!🌟

  • Unsteady » Peter Parker
    85.2K 2.4K 22

    Ajax is just a junior in high school, just there to get in and get out. She keeps to herself and stays behind the scenes but that changes when she's assigned to work with Peter Parker on a project. She's had her eyes on him since freshman year but never talked to him. Peter, on the hand, noticed her at the beginning o...

  • Forever [Tom Holland] - A Walk To Remember AU
    155K 3.6K 26

    What happens when a fuckboy with some anger issues and a bad streak is forced to work alongside someone who's his opposite? And what happens if they can be ripped from him in seconds? ---------------------- I do not own or Tom Holland personally and the events that take place are that of fiction. ...

  • Peter Parker Imagines
    404K 10.4K 67

    The work here is mine and under no circumstance does anyone have permission to repost to any platform, distribute with credit, or distribute as their own. Do not repost. Do not claim as your own. Do not repost with "credit". Requests are CLOSED --------------------------------- This story is also being posted to MY A...