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  • Dare You To Move [t.h.]
    98.3K 1.8K 19

    Friends with benefits is supposed to be just that. Friends with the benefits of fooling around and not having anything more than platonic feelings. Easy, fun, thrilling, no one gets hurt...right? ---------------------------------- I am writing this an original story as well under the same name. This is just the fanfi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hiding in the Shadows
    478K 13.7K 51

    (Y/N) Stark has been hidden from the public her whole life, but she's tired of doing nothing while her family goes out an fights alien invasions and secret spy organizations. However, she does understand that her father, Tony Stark, only wants her to be safe. But then again, she's never been one to listen to her fathe...

  • How could I not? • Tom Holland
    46.4K 1.1K 10

    You and Tom are only supposed to be friends... friends who sometimes take things a step further and friends who can't seem to spend longer then a few days apart. But that can all change with a positive pregnancy test and Suddenly you have to work together more then ever to prepare for the new life you created. But is...

  • Forever [Tom Holland] - A Walk To Remember AU
    234K 5.4K 26

    What happens when a fuckboy with some anger issues and a bad streak is forced to work alongside someone who's his opposite? And what happens if they can be ripped from him in seconds? ---------------------- I do not own or Tom Holland personally and the events that take place are that of fiction. ...