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  • A Bird in Hand
    1.1K 21 4

    All her life, Airla wondered why her closest friend was locked away in her chambers. No matter the comfort, Eilonora was neither allowed outside nor to be touched by another despite being the heir to the Ó'Brin family. After her parents' sudden death, Eilonora is left as the Head of the Ó'Brin family and County, takin...

    31.6K 2.1K 25

    my disposition on your skin © 072818 , enamoramos

  • miles to go before i wake
    890 24 2

    the story of the children, not of the witches who lived, but of those who were burned. their revenge continues on. the flame held by the cracked torch passes along the steps of a downward staircase; with a fire that holds the history of death, it is alight with the inferno of the sun, alight with anger. versus the...

    42.3K 3.3K 8

    The death, the life, and the recounting of Juliet.

    195K 14.9K 32

    Boy meets magic. Boy meets death.

  • Leuthold Preparatory | ✓
    4.4K 461 33

    After being given an ultimatum by his parents and a bumpy plane ride, Noah Cooper finds himself locked inside Leuthold Preparatory Academy for Young Adults. Despite its luxuries and accommodations, Noah comes to the realization that things are not right with the academy. Beginning with his roommate, to his teachers, t...