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  • Thoughts
    195 14 16

    My thoughts into the deepest ocean in memory and things I think about

  • A Reality Escape
    8 3 1

    An ordinary girl with a boring life finds an awesome online game. This game gives her a break from her boring life. She finds friends on the game and makes an unstoppable guild

  • Urban Legends and Scary Stories
    89 9 7

    ***DISCLAIMER*** if you get scared easily and have quite a bit nightmares, be cautions. For it is your choice whether to read this or not. ***END OF DISCLAIMER*** This book contains scary stories and urban legends, modern or ancient, these stories will send shivers down your spine. I do not own all these stories Cove...

  • Adventurers
    29 14 4

    This story is about 5 animals and their stories, here they are...... Wisdom- Wisdom is a 1 year old cheetah. She is very intelligent and mature, but she is a bit shy and lacks self confidence. Pudding- Pudding is a playful and caring monkey, but sometimes she doesn't take stuff seriously. She is 6 months old. Timber T...

  • The Wing Pack
    220 61 15

    A small wind dragon who loves to fight, and is pretty good at it, craves more power. So she sets out to gather eggs to create a pack of her own. But she's faced with many more challenges and adventures and finds that it's not as easy as she thought. Thank you @thesolitaregame for this wonderful cover

  • Art Gallery
    101 17 21

    Just some random art I do when I'm bored. Share your opinions, tell me what you think!

  • The Big Book of One-Shots
    48 7 6

    This book contains cool short stories. Horror, Warrior Cats, funny stuff, you name it, it should be here! Just read it...please

  • My Random Daily Thoughts {FINISHED}
    971 408 82

    This is just a book of my funny random thoughts (sorry if I'm not funny) .....please follow me

  • Language Arts Teacher Complaints
    54 9 11

    Where we complain about our language arts teacher

  • Our Boring Life
    23 3 5