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  • Wattpad Selenic Lights Awards
    7.3K 555 23

    Welcome to the Wattpad Selenic Lights Awards. Nominations (✖) Judging (✖) CLOSED

  • Remembering June [The Teaser]
    1K 47 1

    The first time Emma meets Noel is at a midsummer night bonfire in Stockholm. She's wrapped up in his denim jacket, busy falling for someone else. As summer comes to an end, she learns that her budding relationship was nothing more than a fling, and so Emma vows to swear off love. But when the boy in the denim jacket...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lunar Chronicles Oneshots & Headcannons (TLC Wattys)
    20.6K 519 11

    Hope you enjoy these cute TLC oneshots/headcannons! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for what to do next, as I would be happy to write it! None of these characters are mine and they belong to the wonderful and talented Marissa Meyer. (Btw the girl on the cover is Cress in case you didn't realiz...

  • The Lunar Chronicles: Cresswell's Adventures
    21.4K 608 11

    After Luna's revolution led by the lost princess, Selene, Cress and Thorne go on adventures to hand out the antidote for letumosis. And it's everything Cress could wish for. • • • Cover art from taratjah on Tumblr ♡

  • Cress and Thorne [Completed]
    20.8K 330 9

    This is after Winter but doesn't include any information provided by the lovely Marissa Meyer in her novella titled "Something Old, Something New" inside the book "Stars Above" So it's two years after Winter and Thorne is up on Luna while Cress is down on earth. He barely calls her, and she gets worried. But to Thorn...

  • CRESSWELL: The Lunar Chronicles
    23.4K 356 10

    Cresswell fanfic: I love Cress and Thorne and wanted their story to continue, so here is my take on it. This takes place right after Winter. Which means **SPOILERS.** It's basically Cress' and Thorne's adventures while delivering the antidotes after Winter.

  • I Want You Back
    81.5K 1.7K 16

    During Lucy's birthday party, Natsu gets drunk so Lucy takes him to her house. Something happens, and six weeks later Lucy takes a pregnancy test - with startling results! What will Lucy do now? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first Wattpad story so...

  • The Problem Child
    1.5K 37 16

    Meet the five (so far) children of Lucy and Natsu Dragneel: Luke and Layla are the oldest and most mature, both getting their intelligence and celestial spirit magic, as well as their blond hair, from their mother. Nashi is next, also called the Little Spitfire, because of how similar she is in appearance, attitude, a...