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  • I Don't, Say No To This\\ Marliza
    20.4K 702 12

    Modern AU, Marliza obviously. After Alex cheats on Eliza, she goes to confront who he cheated on her with, Maria Lewis. Soon Eliza starts to see why Alex couldn't say no

  • Mind Candy · Marliza [hiatus]
    11.2K 575 8

    Of all the things Maria wasn't doing, bribing her misbehaving child with candy just to talk to her incredibly attractive teacher was very high on that list. Definitely.

  • ✿Marliza One Shots✿
    14.2K 310 7

    A series of fluffy, angsty, domestic, etc with Marliza y e s. (Maybe smut. M a y b e.) fite me Also something I made for when im on writers block with my other stories im working on r i p.

  • Marliza (I Can't See You)
    5.8K 157 9

    Maria Reynolds has a good job as a barista at the Café in Princeton University but she has been in a abusive relationship with James Reynolds since highschool. Then she falls helplessly in love with Elizabeth Schuyler who is a student at Princeton but doesn't know how to confess her love. WARNING: mentions of rape, a...

  • Never Say Never (Marliza)
    5.6K 165 5

    *RECENTLY REWRITTEN. Same basic plot, but with better detail and pacing.* Confessions: Dispelling the Rumors About Maria Reynolds. That's what the post is titled, and it rips Eliza apart. The reason for the post itself has already ripped Maria apart. What happens, though, when they find eachother?