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  • Meadow of Enna | Namjin |
    6.4K 614 18

    Since becoming the Goddess of Harvest, Demeter had a line of suitors asking for his hand in marriage. But he had other things he wanted to focus on, he liked playing with the lives of humans. Gifting those that adore and worship him. While cursing those that mock him or speak of him in vain. So when he finds his statu...

  • A new home (yoonmin)
    763K 32.1K 65

    Omega park Jimin is placed into a new pack, Bangtan, after escaping from a life of a abuse and mistreatment up in the mountains. How will he cope in the new environment, and will a mysterious looking alpha be able to help make his stay more comfortable?

  • I call you moon child ~ RE-WRITING
    320K 2.7K 3

    "What's a pretty boy like you, doing all alone in the woods?" "Mother said I can't talk to strange men." Trigger warnings: Smut (eventually) Violence Explicit language Gore? Attempted assault Dubious consent Death Idk. Will be updated whenever Cover by @__NialsPlacebo ❤❤❤