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    .. the arrogant one and arrogant one are together but the twist here will be.. they both are from same school and what happens in there future when they are asked to marry each other.. will they be able to adjust with each other? will they marry each other? look into the book to know more.. don't forget to give your...

  • The Change In Us
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    " Look Meenakshi, I moved on. I don't have anything towards her. Right now, I am ready to do this." He paused. He suddenly held my hands in his. And continued.. " I want to give us a chance... I know, it will happen.. I promise you, I'll give my best into this. I know you from the beginning.. and I will show you the b...

  • Beyond the Horizon (ON HOLD)
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    'A man who hides his emotions is dangerous. But a man who alters his emotions is even more dangerous.' 'A man who lies to deceive is devious. But a man who modifies truths to deceive is dangerously devious.' ***** Gauri never anticipated this handsome stranger to rattle her peaceful world with a bunch of smiles and ra...

  • Married to my Cousin or Not
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    Marrying your cousin might seem ok with people who follow such practices but what happens when Samaira, a girl of today's gen hailing from a modern yet traditional family being the apple of eyes of her family, is out of nowhere asked to get married to her cousin. Though they have never shared a bro -sis relation but s...

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    "the present cover is done by @awesomeshivu, if you want such awsome covers do vist her shop " What happens when an ordinary girl Swastika leading an ordinary life has to go through something she never expected too? What happens when just one incident changes her life to a whole 360degree, that ...

  • A Fellow Traveller!
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    A Journey towards life!

  • Forbidden Dream(Extremely Slow Updates)
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    Ruhaan Faizal and Yamuna Swaminathan was once a part of the same painting called love and weaved beautiful dreams of togetherness. But fate was not that compassionate to them. They were torn apart by love and religion. Years later, when they meet again in a way they never wished nor imagined, will they be tied togeth...

  • All You Need Is A Family
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    All you need is a family is story of a boy named Pratyush Vallabhaneni portrayed by our very own darling Prabhas. Pranathi reddy played by our very own Sweety Pratyush is self made Millionaire he has everything in his life like money good looks intelligence power strength good heart attitude everything but still his...

  • Un Expressed Love
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    This is Story of Ashok and unknown girl who suddenly came to his life and leave without saying a word to him.

  • Silver Screen
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    The love story between a Super Star Hero and his 'not' a fan girl.

  • Heir of Mahishmati
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    winner of the incendia fandom awards 2020 | winner of the mystic awards 2018 | winner of the desi lihaaz 2018 | winner of the pranushka pearl awards: jury's honourable mention | ♛ ♛ ♛ They say legends never die. What if there was an alternate dimension wherein Kattappa refuses to stab Amarendra, but pays the price b...

  • Sahahpuri - The New Found World✔
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    The clash of Magic. When jealousy evokes trouble follows. When rules are broken consequences is to be faced. Powers are given to help the helpless but when the same powers were used to feed ones ego and be contented, there is no turning back from the mistake made.

  • Chalet Of Reminiscence
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    A story about two people who are destined to meet each other in the snowy night in Manali.

  • Metanoia
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    Cover Credits: cutie_pixie123 ✓Second Runner up of IFA-2020 hosted by @iincendiia ****** 'She was huffing and sweating profusely. Her eyes filled with tears of pain and agony. She cried incessantly calling her mother and father's name. "Mumma..Papa.." She found herself on the hospital bed. Her whole family consoled h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The King Of Nights
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    He was darkness She was light He was fire She was wind He was cold as corpse She was warm as life An unusual love story between a Vampire and an angelic girl. Completely imaginary..!!

  • Always & Forever
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    Love is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete.This love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions and it is completely loving someone...

  • Bound in Love ✔
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    It's not an ordinary love story where the two fall in love. Set in the time when marriage happened with only parents' decisions, the story begins with a little twist where she falls in love with her man. She feels she is one of the luckiest women on earth to marry whom she loved. But will he love her back? Two opposi...

  • Matched By The Paws (ON HOLD)
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    "There is no way a man can tolerate a non-enthusiastic woman like me living a bland life." That was always what Meghna thought of herself after learning people around her consider her job and life boring. "I'm a hopeless seeker of love. . . I still believe there is love after a heartbreak." Roy never fails to believ...

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  • It's All In The Mind - Season 2
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    Sakina goes to Nawaabganj looking for Shaahid Hussain. Will she get him back? Or will her boundless love for him ruin everything?

    3.8K 595 36

    When, Mona, a curious 18 year old is introduced to the world of secret agents by her brother, Krish, she doesn't expect much apart from hard and boring training. However things take unexpected turns as she discovers interesting facts with every passing day. From her brother being a professor, to a teacher who hates th...

  • My Possessive Brother
    1.1K 98 8

    ella is a 21 years old lady, whom just finished schooling. She is not your regular shy heroine, she's the opposite. She's kind, selfless and innocent, but she can also be violent and dangerous if its required. She is the no nonsense type. She is an orphan but she doesn't know, she has all a girl can ask of. A loving...

  • Last?Love☑️(Completed)
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    #1 in Anushka 11/5/18 This is the story of Naren and Naina who lost faith in love with their love failure. They decided to be alone forever and didn't want to love once again. They hated marriage.But destiny played another game with them. They ended up marrying each other. Not because of love but because of only commi...

  • Her Eyes ☑️ (Completed)
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    #1 anushka - 22/9/2018 The pain and pleasure her EYES have faced. A story of a woman who sacrifices her life to safe the life of the man she loves.

  • Mr & Mrs ACP☑️ (Completed )
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    #1 Anushka 26/9/18 #1 pranushka 11/5/18 #1 pranushka 6/8/18 #4 police 11/8/18 #11 police 6/8/18 #1 prabhas 3/7/18 #23 Mystery / thriller 5/5/18 The story revolves around ACP Raghavan who lives with his mother after losing his beloved wife in a gun battle with certain thugs 2 years ago. And our heroine Aishwarya who l...

  • Dancing Flames (Pranushka story)
    9.5K 1K 22

    An intriguing story that unfolds in the delphic village of Kamarottu. Genre - Mystery Thriller Disclaimer: The credits of the storyline entirely goes to the respective film maker, though I have added some more of my own content to it in between and reproduced the movie in words.

  • The Desert Lily
    43.1K 3.4K 38

    Life was going smooth and beautiful for Samaira until she was separated from her husband. After facing many difficulties, circumstances make her marry Ayush, her best friend's husband. Will love bloom or will they live in sorrow forever? "Keep walking through the scorching sun and thunderstorms. Spring awaits you." C...

  • 3 AM ( The horror hour )
    1.5K 167 7

    A horror story with pranushka! Story line: A newly married couple who buys a house to start their life together and weird things start happening at 3am! Starring: Prabhas, Anushka,kajal,Rana

  • When You Love Someone| ✔️
    92.5K 4.5K 24

    This is a story about Raghav (Prabas) who is forced into marrying a shy girl, Divya (Anushka). He doesn't like her one bit. The problem is that he is very educated and rich. And she isn't educated at all. Divya is an orphan who lives with her cousin's family, they treat as a burden. But when Raghav's mother chooses Di...

  • Memory| ✔️
    36.7K 2.6K 21

    Maya (Anushka) and Arjun Shah (Prabhas) have a very terrible marriage due to constant fighting. But everything changes when Maya gets into a car accident and loses her memory. Will this change their relationship for the better or for the worse? This is a work of fiction. Don't copy or steal my work.