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  • Dil Se Dil Tak
    87.2K 5.3K 82

    #87 in fan-fiction on 17/04/18 #138 in fan-fiction on 13/04/18 This story is based on my fav show ishqbaaz. It includes the love among siblings and family. it shows the eternal love between the famous couples shivika, rikara, ruvya, and priveer. This story portrays the connection b/n hearts.

  • Reunion Of Sisters... ✔️
    629 59 1

    This story is of aniri from ishqbaaaz how two long lost sisters meet again...

  • vivaah (slow Updates)
    11.6K 1.5K 21

    It's destiny who brings them together and bound them into a marriage.Peep in to know more .

    1.8K 271 8

    "Real life is just another stage. Just another stage where I have to look and act Like I have everything put together; everything neat, perfect, and in order, when in reality I'm slowly dying, Slowly decaying, screaming and clawing, at this little box I've been put into, Trying desperately to escape." ***************...

  • Tera Fitoor Jabse Chadh Gya [Completed✓]
    50.5K 3.3K 34

    what happened when a student fall for her teacher it is a Love story of rikara hope you will enjoy it 😍😍

  • Crime D' Amour
    407 50 1

    Crime D' Amour meaning Love Crime is a suspense thriller story staring - Nakul Mehta -Surbhi Chandna - Kunal Jaisingh - Shrenu Parikh - Additi Gupta -Shireena Sambyal - Nikhil Arya Basically this story is full of secrets Will be giving slow update and also the story will be written in both hindi and english

  • Saamne Yeh Kaun Aaya
    40.7K 5.3K 45

    What will happen to the perfect life of Omkara when a girl unexpectedly enter his life.

  • Filtercopy x Rikara
    732 113 4

    So I have nothing better to do in my life than watch filter copy so I decided to write down some shots based on filter copy couple videos's the surprise Rikara in them. This is something different but hope you guys like it 💖

  • The new night- RiKara OS (18+)
    6.3K 132 1

    One shot on RiKara... contains mature only if you are comfortable with it...

  • 2 ParTs Of My HeArT...❤️Rikara
    1.8K 204 5

    This is a three shot story on my favorite couple Omkara and Gauri... This is my first completed story so plzz read with your own risk... This story is about office romance, how a couple took out time for each other and how romance in their love life never fades. It gets new love colours in it every second. A selfless...

  • Kuch Toh Hein Tujhse Raabta
    106K 11.1K 62

    Read more to find their raabta

  • Pure Fate
    7.3K 821 20

    Three people. Three lives. All connected by fate Cover made by: @awesomeshivu Banners made by: @adorable_az

  • In this together
    912 118 3

    We are all in this together A OS based on Rikara and their family during this unfortunate time we are all going through. Salute to our healthcare workers who are dealing with covind-19 patients everyday. Cover made by: @magicglow11111

  • And then there were 5
    387 43 1

    Just a simple OS on Rikara and their kids

  • village
    589 75 4

    rikara story...

  • Broken Heart
    6K 563 6

    What happens when the person you love the most hurts you in the worst way? Not once but again again?

  • The Lawbreaker's love (Completed✅)
    9.1K 769 8

    Omkara singh oberoi belongs to the renowned family of Oberois in Bareily... He is calm cool sensible when he is with family but cold and ruthless to his enemies . He believes in self-justice and doesn't hesitate to break the law or pull the trigger when people stand in his way. Gauri kumari Sharma is a simple, sweet...

  • Tera fitoor jab se Chadh gaya [season 2]
    30.5K 3.5K 40

    This is story of an strict ips training Commander and a cute funny and lazy candidate 😜😜 Om as a commander and Gauri as a candidate. Let's see what happens in these 11 months.. will they able to fall in love with each other 🤔🤔 Hope you all like it 😍😍

  • Mere Saiyan Superstar [Completed✓]
    24.2K 2.6K 29

    it is a love story of a famous singer and his biggggggest fan hope you all like it

  • The Truth Untold
    2.3K 254 10

    When Oberoi and Sharma fix the marriage of Omkara and Gauri who donot like each other but there is a relation between Omkara and Gauri in their previous life and their story stay incompleted. Will Omkara and Gauri believe about their previous life? For knowing more just click the READ button😉.

  • Dil Tujhpe Aa Gaya |
    5.9K 871 10

    Gauri- An 18 year- old nerdy, and Ambivert, lives life in unfavourable circumstnaces when suddenly she comes face to face with one of her nightmares unexpectedly at a party!!!! Will this party change her life forever??? What does fate have in store for Gauri ?? . . . . Elsewhere, A 25 year - old Omkara has his own...

  • RiKara SS : Guardian Angel
    9.9K 685 3

    When his brother falls into a coma, it is up to Omkara to take care of all of his responsibilities.

  • rikara- ishq par ho gaya yakeen
    5.2K 543 12

    Story on omkara and gauri..

    135K 12.9K 77

    read to know poor Gauri's twisted fate

  • Musings - RiKara One Shots
    4.3K 335 5

    My one shots and drabbles on RiKara. 1. Realization Of Love 2. For His Happiness... 3. For Her Happiness... 4. Rooh

  • My OS book
    1.4K 134 4

    This will contain various drabbles/ musical os or just a random os

  • Love Beyond Language
    201 12 2

    Collaboration of my most favourite serials in Malayalam&Hindi......

  • "LOVE OR REVENGE" ( On Hold)
    4.9K 602 12

    How far a girl can go to achieve her revenge? Two lives, One death, One revenge, One mission but in two different ways. A new glimpse of Shrenal (Rikara) full of twists and mystery. peep in to learn more !