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  • Soul Wielder | ✔︎
    42.9K 2K 31

    Waking up back in the real world, Peter Parker receives some devastating news. Trying to adjust and help his city out is starting to take a toll on Peter. Now the weight of bring back the ones lost is added. Can he bring them back and get a second chance? Sequel to Soul Stone Soul Realm ~~~~~ I don't own anything. Bes...

  • Soul Stone Soul Realm | ✔︎
    38.3K 1.3K 14

    Our fallen heroes find themselves in a weird orange plain. All very confused and lost. Peter Parker feels a weird connection with the Soul Stone. Sensing where every creature is. How will that help our fallen heroes? ~~~~~ I do not own anything. Rated k+ Spoilers for infinity war and Endgame spoilers near the end. I...